"You Got It, Girl" was a song sung by The Ghetto Avenue Boys in the Season Four episode, "Something You Can Do with Your Finger".


Randy Marsh confides with Stan Marsh and informs him as to why he does not want him to be in Fingerbang. A montage starts, showing Randy's past when he was in a boy band, called The Ghetto Avenue Boys. He warns Stan of the dangers he went through, telling of how he had cars, women, money, and a big house. It was all taken away when he was replaced by a younger group of singers. When he went back to South Park he was humiliated and felt rejected.


You've got IT
You know you've got IT (girl)
What you've got is IT
It's obvious to me girl
You've got it
It is what you've got (girl)
What you've got is IT
Now give IT to me