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This page contains trivia for "You Got F'd in the A". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • The song used when the kids first get served ("Let's See You Dance Sucka") is a parody of "Shake That Ass Bitch" by Splack Pack.
  • In the original airing, the hat that one of the Orange County kids wears has "Lil Shiit" written across it. All subsequent airings, even on the Season 8 DVD and the iTunes version, have the hat reading "Lil Sheep".
  • The song playing when the Goth Kids demonstrate their dance moves is from an untitled DVDA composition which resembles 80s pop music and popular gothic music.
  • In the background of the arcade, in the scene where Stan recruits Yao, the game Thirst For Blood can be seen in the shot of the DDR kid getting more quarters for the game. Thirst for Blood was the game the boys played on the Okama Gamesphere in the episode "Towelie".
  • Right before Stan's dance crew starts to dance, he is in a brief pose that the boys did in the episode "Something You Can Do with Your Finger".
  • In South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!, "I've Got Something In My Front Pocket" plays if Butters uses his special ability, where he spins around rapidly forming a deadly tornado.
  • Sharon Marsh said that the boys got served at school but they really got served at the True Value parking lot.
  • This is the last episode to show Chef's Residence, as it doesn't appear for the rest of Chef's time on the show.

References to Pop Culture

  • This episode lampoons the derided 2004 movie, You Got Served (the dance-off), as well as elements of Save the Last Dance (Butters quitting dancing because of the accident he caused, like Julia Stiles' character quitting ballet because her mom died in a car crash) and 8 Mile (a snippet of a song that sounds like Eminem's Lose Yourself plays for a few seconds in the hospital scene with Stan and his father). According to the audio commentary, South Park co-creator Matt Stone met Served producer Billy Pollina at a bar after this episode aired, where Pollina said that he loved the spoof.
  • The name of the arcade, Flynn's Sinistarcade, is a reference to Flynn's, the one Jeff Bridges' character owned in the movie Tron. Sinistar is also the name of an early 1980s video game that was similar to Asteroids.
  • The posters at Lamont's Dance Studio (in the scene where Chef tries to train Stan and his dance troupe) are: "Vive Ballet" (a reference to "A Chorus Line"), "Felines" (a reference to "Cats"), and "Le Cirque Soleil" (a reference to "Cirque du Soleil", only done in grammatically incorrect French).
  • The deaths of the people in Butters's flashback are similar to the deaths shown in the films Ghost Ship (the man and woman getting cut in half by a swift-falling cable), Saving Private Ryan (the bisected man collecting his organs as he bleeds to death), Carrie (the woman getting electrocuted by the stagelight that fell on her husband, everyone running and screaming out of the auditorium, a man getting trampled as everyone evacuates, and Butters standing in the center of the stage covered in blood), and Final Destination (the man getting crushed by the stagelight and the woman getting impaled by the rafters).
  • The episode makes reference to Charles Whitman and the Texas Clock Tower Massacre, when Butters is informed that one of the women killed in the accident was pregnant, and two of the survivors later committed suicide.
  • The final lines of the episode where Butters is screaming "No, no...!" whilst being praised, is similar to the final scene in Evil Dead II, complete with the "Raimi-Cam" shot into Butters's mouth.
  • The paper Butters reads from his box states that eight people died in the accident, whilst when Butters has a flashback, there are clearly more than eight dead people.
  • When Randy is in the hospital and Stan is reflecting on his dad's words, the song "Lose Yourself" by Eminem plays in the background.
    • Also, when Stan comes to talk to Butters about the incident, an instrumental version of "Lose Yourself" lightly plays in the background.
  • When Stan asks Butters to join his crew again, Butters is playing with Leggos, which is a parody of Lego.


  • When the Marsh family has dinner, Sharon says that Stan was served at school, though it had been established and made clear by Stan himself that it was in the True Value parking lot.
  • When Butters' shoe slips off when he's dancing against The OC Kids, his left shoe comes off. The shoe is shown to be his left, but when it hits the lights it is the other shoe; his right shoe. Also, when Butters is carried out, he has his left shoe on and his right shoe is off.
  • After Butters accidentally killed what was said to be 8 (then Stan corrects at 11) people at the competition, when it shows him looking out at the seats at the dead bodies, you can count 21 corpses.
  • When everyone congratulates Butters at the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison is missing one of his eyebrows.

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • After Butters' tap-dancing incident occurred again, thus killing the OC crew, in the cheering crowd, a Visitor is present.

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