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Yasmine Bleeth is an actress known for her work on Baywatch. She is one of the select people Mr. Garrison invites to view IT in the Season Five episode, "The Entity".


Yasmine has, messy, brown hair. She wears a white, slightly dirty tank top, along with an above-the-knee blue skirt. She also is seen wearing black high heels, a gold bracelet on her right arm, and brown eye shadow. She appears to have some kind of green object tied around her upper right arm.


She had no speaking lines in "The Entity", however, the fact that she attending Mr. Garrison's investment meeting could mean she has a lust for money.


  • Yasmine's dirty appearance is likely a reference to her arrest in September, 2001.
  • Yasmine had a role in Matt and Trey's movie, BASEketball.

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