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Xerxes is the owner of a Persian club in South Park. She tried to shut down the Les Bos bar but was stopped by Mrs. Garrison. She only appeared in "D-Yikes!".


Xerxes wears a nearly half-unbuttoned, spotted white shirt, and blue jeans. She also wears several items of jewelry. Her right ear, nose, and right eyebrow are pierced. She also has been seen wearing a bluetooth headset on her left ear. Despite attempting to masquerade as a man, she seems to have very "worked on" eyebrows.


Xerxes has a compromise-type personality, originally willing to reason with the girls who were preventing them from taking over Les Bos. She also seems to have a lust for power, even going as far as masquerading as a man so she could become leader of South Park's Persian club.


Mrs. Garrison

In "D-Yikes!", she is seen scissoring with Mrs. Garrison, with this, we can presume that they may have had a short relationship (Although, it could've just been a one-night stand). Mrs. Garrison has since "changed back" into a man, and since Xerxes is a lesbian, we can assume that their relationship is over.


  • Her name, as well as her appearance is a parody of how the movie "300" portrayed the legendary Persian king, Xerxes.
  • In reality, Xerxes was a male king, who ruled Persia from 485 to 465 BC.
  • Despite being female, her voice is extremely deep.


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