Picture Name Item Type Description
AWESOM-O xbox AWESOM-O Xbox Avatar Prop "Compute your way into your avatar's heart with this kick-ass, animated prop from the classic South Park episode AWESOM-O"
Najix xbox Najix Xbox Avatar Prop "It's Najix, everyone's favorite Taco!! Download this prop and relive the classic South Park character scoop by scoop!"
Kenny outfit Kenny McCormick Outfit Xbox Avatar Costume "South Park fans, start cheesing! Download this full Kenny costume featuring his signature Orange parka, pants, shoes and gloves. Mrprhh mph mrph!"
Eric cartman outfit Eric Cartman Outfit Xbox Avatar Costume "I'm seriously! Zipper up Cartman's full winter outfit and start playing like South Park's most notorious 4th Grader."
Stan marsh outfit Stan Marsh's Outfit Xbox Avatar Costume "Zip on Stan's classic outfit - complete with winter coat, gloves, pants, shoes, and his infamous red poofball hat - and get into South Park!"
Crab person costume Crab Person Outfit Xbox Avatar Costume "Crab People! CRAB PEOPLE!! Give your avatar a full-on crab makeover with this crustaceous South Park costume."
Kyle broflovski outfit Kyle Broflovski's Outfit Xbox Avatar Costume "South Park fans, get hyped! Grab Kyle's full winter costume and start playing like the South Park boys!!"
I stan south park "I Heart South Park" T-Shirt Xbox Avatar Tops "Show your love for South Park with this kick-ass top!"
Professor chaos t-shirt Professor Chaos T-Shirt Xbox Avatar Tops "Strap on destruction with this epic t-shirt, courtesy of South Park's notorious villain...Professor Chaos!"
Cartman hat Cartman's Hat Xbox Avatar Headwear "Make your avatar as cool as South Park with Cartman's notorious red winter hat!"
Kenny's hat Kenny's Hood Xbox Avatar Headwear "Make your avatar as cool as South Park with Kenny's infamous orange parka. Mrphh mrphph mrph!"
Kyle's hat Kyle's Hat Xbox Avatar Headwear "Make your avatar as cool as South Park with Kyle's classic green winter hat."
Professor chaos helmet Professor Chaos' Helmet Xbox avatar Headwear "Wreak havoc on the world that shunned you with the infamous headgear from South Park's Professor Chaos!"
Stan's hat Stan's Hat Xbox Avatar Headware "Make your avatar as cool as South Park with Stan's classic red poof-ball hat."
Lgtdp South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! Xbox Live Arcade Game "Play as Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman or any number of your favorite South Park characters in SOUTH PARK LET'S GO TOWER DEFENSE PLAY! It’s the fast-paced action/strategy game, where you play to save the town of South Park."