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  • According to official live Tweets about the episode:
    • It was originally supposed the season premiere.
    • In one version of this episode, Token was in a 9-month coma and Cartman thought when he woke up he would freak out about the Zimmerman verdict.
    • The injections Cartman take is a parody of World War Z, but the show went in another direction and the injections were never mentioned again but were left in.
  • This episode marks the first time someone actually calls Cartman a murderer, referencing his many killings.
  • In the promo, Cartman is wearing his usual attire when he searches for his gun, but in the actual episode he is dressed in his "rapper" attire[1]
  • In the promo, the woman is voiced by Trey Parker, but in the actual episode she is voiced by April Stewart.
  • As of this episode, Kyle is the only one of the 4 main boys who has never been shot. 
  • In Cartman's dream, he has a re-enactment of the car scene from World War Z. He tunes the radio to 106.7 and the song, sung by Cartman, is playing "It's a Wonderful Day" by Canadian pop balladeer Michael Bublé. This would be an anachronism since the station, KBPI 106.7 FM out of Denver currently plays in the hard rock and metal format. Coincidentally, in Los Angeles, where the show is produced, has the station KROQ 106.7 FM out of Pasadena and also plays in the hard rock, metal format.
  • In one of the previews for this episode, when Cartman is warning everybody to get out of town, the man asks "Does that little boy have a gun?", however in the actual episode the woman asks this.
  • In real life, George Zimmerman does not have children. In addition, his wife is seeking a divorce.
  • In real life, a judge's decision alone would not be able to convict Zimmerman as the jury has to decide whether or not the defendant is guilty.
  • The car Cartman commandeers is a Tesla Model S.
  • There are no "Stand Your Ground" laws in Colorado, however, when selling the gun to Cartman, Jimbo did mention the "Make My Day" law, where, if person breaks in and proves to be a threat, then the person is allowed to use deadly force (which is to say, shoot them), which does exist in Colorado.

References to Popular Culture

  • The episode is a parody of the film World War Z. Cartman dresses like Brad Pitt's character from the movie.
  • The way the Tesla driver dies is the same way Terry Chaney dies in Final Destination by talking to the main character and then getting hit by a vehicle mid-sentence.
  • The fatal Shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman is referenced, especially the media claims that there would be widespread riots by African-Americans if Zimmerman was found not guilty[2].
    • Also, by the end of the episode, Cartman was wearing exactly the same outfit that Trayvon Martin wore when he was killed, as Cartman was shot but survived.
  • Butters is shown to be happy and somewhat excited when everyone thinks there is a zombie apocalypse. This is a reference to Doomsday Enthusiasts, who find living through an apocalypse fun.
  • Mr. Garrison confuses the plot of the 2012 movie adaptation Les Misérables with the real French Revolution. The plot of the story takes place during the June Rebellion of 1835. The French Revolution took place in 1789-1799.
  • When Cartman tells the lady to step on the gas, he says "Wait, is this a Tesla? Shit! Step on the prissy pedal." This a reference to how the Model S, like all Tesla, is an electric car.




The Orange County Crew's coach rioting.

  • When Cartman and the woman first get to Florida, Cartman is missing his beard.
  • At the end, Cartman shoots Token in his right arm. However, his left arm is shown in a sling when Ohim and Cartman are in Mr. Mackey's office.
  • Cartman spray paints a red circle around himself, yet the spray paint can said it was black paint.
  • In Cartman's nightmare, The Orange County Crew's coach can be seen in the crowd of rioters, even though he and the rest of the Orange County Crew were killed in the episode, "You Got F'd in the A".
    • This could simply be just because it's in a dream Cartman is having.


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