"Woodland Critter Christmas" is a song sung in the eponymous Season Eight episode, "Woodland Critter Christmas". It is sung by the Woodland Critters and used as a commercial bumper throughout the episode, after receiving a Satanist touch.


The Woodland Critters sing as they prepare for Christmas and the birth of their savior. After meeting Stan Marsh, they ask him to perform several tasks in order to help prepare for the savior's birth. However, Stan is eventually informed that the critters are Satanists and their "savior" is actually the Anti-Christ.


Normal Version

Woodland Critters:
It's almost time when the time is here,
The time that's only once a year.
We can hardly wait, 'cause it's so near.
A Woodland Critter Christmas!

Commercial Bumper Version

Woodland Critters:
What special time and special day,
It's Woodland Critter Christmas.

Hail Satan!

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