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This page contains trivia for "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • During the first few letters being revealed in the Wheel of Fortune Game, the letter space is turned blue and then the letter appears, but when the letter A is revealed, the space is flipped which is the old format of Wheel of Fortune.
  • Trey Parker played Dr. David Nelson by inhaling helium.
  • In real life, Wheel of Fortune is taped during the day then aired at night, not shown live.
  • Had Randy appeared on the real Wheel of Fortune, he would have received an N along with a R, L, E, T and S.
  • The comedy club Randy Marsh goes to is called the Laugh Factory, the same place where Michael Richards said his infamous racial slur.
  • The word "Nigger" is said 42 times in the episode; 3 times by itself, and 39 times as "Nigger-guy".
  • In this episode, Cartman is able to beat up Dr. Nelson, a black belt in karate, which is very unusual for him.
  • Not many South Park episodes use the N word. Most of the N word uses in the entire series was in this one episode.
  • Kenny has no lines in this episode 

References to Popular Culture

  • This episode parodies the aftermath of an incident at the Laugh Factory, California in 2006. Michael Richards had shouted racial remarks deemed to have hatred behind it at audience members, as opposed to an ironic, though perhaps still controversial, response to their heckling. He later apologised to civil activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, the latter of which was parodied in the episode.
  • When Cartman fights Dr. Nelson, the song is "Down with the Sickness", by the American heavy metal band Disturbed.
  • When Cartman pinned Dr. Nelson to the ground, he made him say "Carol-Anne, don't go into the light", due to his voice sounding similar to former actress Zelda Rubinstein, who played the part of a diminutive psychic in the film Poltergeist. The line was actually, spoken by the character Diane Freeling, who was the mother of Carol-Anne, while she attempted to rescue her from evil spirits inside the portal.
  • The scene when Michael Richards is scolding Randy about being "another damn nigger-guy" is a reference to a scene from the movie Glory.
  • The scene where the rednecks want to shoot Randy is a very loose allusion to the novel To Kill a Mockingbird where Atticus protects Tom Robinson from being killed by the racist white people.
  • Dr. Nelson is drawn to look just like the famous infomercial twin brothers Greg Rice and the late John Rice, who are also little people.
  • The premise of the episode mess-up is similar to one that occurred on an actual episode of Wheel of Fortune.
  • Cartman made a reference to the popular video sharing site YouTube, saying he watched Randy's blunder several times on it.
  • In the background during Randy's spoken word performance at Viggo's Coffee House you can see a poster labeled "Thompson" of journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson is celebrated for his innovation of gonzo journalism and is perhaps best known for his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.



  • Dr. Nelson tells the kids to say; "Hello, fatso!" in an insulting way. In the original broadcast and in some editions they say "Good morning, fatso!" in a cheerful manner. This was fixed in subsequent airings and DVD editions.
  • Sally Turner, DogPoo Petuski and Tommy Turner appear twice in the shot of the crowd in the gymnasium, as does the Boy with C Cap.
  • Lola's hair changes from brown to blond between shots in the gym.
  • When Randy apologizes to Jesse Jackson it's March 7th, 2007 (as seen in the newspaper), later when Cartman comes to the principal's office, the calendar shows it's October.

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