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William Shatner is an actor most famous for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek. In the episode "Spookyfish", Shatner's photo was shown to Sharon Marsh by Officer Barbrady while searching for missing people. Shatner appeared as Captain Kirk in the episode, "Cartoon Wars Part I", on Family Guy, as Peter Griffin tried to sell him pancakes. Instead, the two dressed as Captain and Tenille and sang "Love Will Keep Us Together".


In "Spookyfish", we saw a real-life picture of him, he appeared to be shirtless. In "Cartoon Wars Part I", he appeared in a yellow Star Trek shirt and black pants. He is a Canadian, have don't flapping head and beadly eyes.


If his portrayal on "Family Guy" is accurate, He seems to enjoy singing, as he sung "Love Will Keep Us Together" with Peter Griffin, in "Cartoon Wars Part I".

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