"We're Together at School Again" is a parody of the High School Musical song called "We're All In This Together". It was sung by the students in the Season Twelve episode, "Elementary School Musical".


Many of the students at South Park Elementary sing songs and dance in a choreography inspired by the popular movie series High School Musical. The boys resist the new fad and mock the singing and dancing.


Whole School:
And you know, we're together at school again...
School again...
Whole School:
With all of our friends...
Stan Marsh:
Whole School:
And you know we'll be doing this forever...
Eric Cartman:
Oh God shut up!
Whole School: again. What a special day!
Eric Cartman:
(yelling) Shut up! Shut up!
Whole School:
Neeeevvveeerr! Goin' away!
(Song ends, bell rings and the students to go their respective lessons)