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  • The wrestling personalities that the kids have in the WTF are similar to other WWE wrestlers:
    • Stan - Stan the Man (Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels/Stone Cold)
    • Kyle - Juggernaut (CM Punk)
    • Cartman - Rad Russian and Bad Irene (Vladimir Kozlov/The Big Show/Undertaker) and Lita (Bad Irene)
    • Kenny - El Pollo Loco (Rey Mysterio)
    • Butters - Triceratops (Rhyno/Chris Jericho/The Miz)
    • Token - Congo (R-Truth)
    • Jimmy - Hammerclaw
  • Throughout the episode, freestyle wrestling is mistaken as gay porn.
  • Cartman wears his wrestling singlet backwards.
  • This is one of the few times Kenny is shown without his parka on, but his head is covered by a mask.
  • Wrestling is presented as an opera-like show, with the boys acting like stereotypical actors, wine drinking intermissions, as well as McMahon using opera glasses. This being the statement that professional wrestling is not considered authentic wrestling, but just an act similar to theatre, thus proving Mr. Conners' point.
  • Despite being Canadian, the wrestler Edge doesn't have a Pac-Man style head.
  • One of Cartman's assistants from "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy" is shown in the WWE audience in the beginning.
  • The show that the kids created is called Smackdown. Smackdown is the name of a real WWE program.
  • Both WWE wrestlers John Cena and Edge are shown at the beginning in this episode.
  • The lead biker that appears in the later episode "The F Word", appears in the audience and sympathizes with Mr. Conners about losing his job.
  • After Kenny (A.K.A. El Pollo Loco) dies, a man in the crowd stands up and screams "¡O dios mío! Mataron el Pollo Loco!" Immediately, another man in the crowd stands up as well and screams "¡Bastardos!". This is the Spanish for "Oh my god! They killed The Crazy Chicken! You bastards!".

References to Popular Culture

  • The Colorado balloon incident is briefly mentioned twice as headlines for the South Park Gazette, "BOY LOST IN BALLOON", "BALLOON STUNT'S A HOAX".
  • At the WWE event, Cartman is seen wearing a shirt that says, "Get the 'F' Out", a reference to World Wrestling Entertainment changing its name from World Wrestling Federation in 2002.
    • In the same frame, Token Black is just behind Eric Cartman wearing a CM Punk T-shirt and Stan is seen wearing a 2007 John Cena shirt.
  • As a luchador, the mask Kenny wears has the same design as the signature mask of Blue Demon, widely considered to be one of the greatest Mexican wrestlers of his time.
  • Kenny's wrestling name is 'El Pollo Loco' which translates to 'The Crazy Chicken' from spanish; it is also a fast food chain.
  • Vince McMahon went to see the boys' Smackdown event. Coincidentally, Vince was once an owner of the same brand.
  • The scene with the boys' tryouts to find a new wrestler is similar to the musical "A Chorus Line", especially with Number 37's monologue and song about his past.


  • Principal Victoria fires the wrestling coach, with one reason being the "gay porn" on his iPhone. In "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", Mr. Garrison was arrested under charges of trying to elicit sex from children and lost his job off-screen. He asked to be re-hired in "Fourth Grade" but was told, "we don't hire gay people"; in a later episode, "The Death Camp of Tolerance", Principal Victoria rehired Mr. Garrison and told him that the school could never fire him again on account of his homosexuality. Therefore, it is a possible continuity conflict with this episode.


  • Kenny dies during the final match, but he and Cartman can be heard yelling at each other after everyone leaves.
  • John Cena rarely wears his dog tags while in the ring.
  • Except for 2002-2003, John Cena is always a good guy or face in his wrestling career in the WWE but in this episode, he was shown as a bad guy.

Kenny's Death

WTF Kenny's death

Kenny's Death

  • Gets hit by a rocket fired by the wrestling coach. Kenny's death in this episode marks his first death since "The Ring".

Hidden Visitor(s)

  • Just after the boys leave the WWE show at the beginning, the head of a visitor can briefly be seen fading out on the shirt of a woman walking away to the left.

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