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Vanity is an out-of-control teenager. She appears only in "Freak Strike" on the Maury Pauvich TV show. Vanity beats her mother and claims to take drugs. She and Eric Cartman "compete" on the show so Cartman will "win" the prize. She claims that she takes drugs, has sex with older men, and has taken part in a drive-by-shooting. Vanity physically beats her mother Vanessa and insults her. After the episode she is not seen again. Her catch phrase was "I can do what I want", which Cartman parodied into "Whateva whateva, I'll do what I want"


Vanity has a unique sense of fashion. She wears pink mini-shorts with a red see-through skirt over it. She also wears purple wrist band on her right hand and a pink top which barely covers the top part of her torso. She is blonde, overweight, and wears an excessive amount of makeup.


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