What ever happened to Tweek? I mean seriously hes barely in eps anymore and he talks one line a season now if were even luckly enough for that. Hes my favorite and I knows hes the favorite of many others and I think its time for some more major parts for him. I think its great how Kennys had a more major part with 4 episodes in a row focusing on him from poor and stupid to the Mysterion trilogy but Tweek even with his line in 201 isnt enough. I dont want what happened to Pip to happen to Tweek with the character almost completly dropping out of the show then coming up dead a few seasons later. With season 15 (doubtly being the last season) there needs to be an ep about him cause im guessing if someones only seen the last few seasons and you asked them who tweek was theyd probaly say who the hell is that. Tweeks facebook page has only got like 100 ppl liking it so if Matt and Trey even notice the existence of this wikia i hope they listen and make Tweek an ep before hes completly forgoten.

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