Now, I know that you all are expressing your creativity, and I know that you are having fun, but let's please keep all of your blog ideas about your episode ideas away from the wiki. This wiki is now overflowing with random episode ideas. This is a wiki, not a fanfiction website. Please go to the South Park Fanon to post your ideas. These episode ideas are distracting people from contributing to the wiki. It is also very annoying to see the recent edits and all of them are for blog posts. I can barely see edits on main pages. So for now on, please stop making New Episode ideas.

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 6.43.21 PM

Here is a whole page full of nothing but blog post edits

I know that I may have started this by writing my own episode, but I posted it on a different website, I didn't make a whole blog. If you make your ideas on different websites, ishuu for example, you can put a link in your user page so others from this wiki can still see it. Thank You.

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