I have noticed something that many people can't seem to get right. So here is a list of things to do when you are editing.

  • Do NOT state opinions. Opinions are not allowed.
  • When editing, use proper grammar. On talk pages or blogs it's fine, but when editing, use grammar.
  • Dont add stuff that is random. Example: Cartman is a young, dirty poopy mouth boy, who .......
  • If people you keep trying to edit something in which someone has just been undoing your edits, most likely what you wrote is not needed or wrong.
  • Do not add uneeded information. Example: If you are editing something about The Boys and what they do, dont put some tiny fact in their about what they did if the article doesn't list everything they did together.
  • When making characters, use the Template:Character under Templates.
  • Whenever you write an episode or character on a page, use brackets to link that word to that character. [[insert page title here]] <-Like this)
    • Also do this for any word that is the name of anotehr page. Example: The boys sang "Queef Free".
  • DONT ADD FALSE CATEGORIES!!! There is one specific person who keeps adding villians to everyone! It's annoying to reverse their edits. If someone didn't do something villainous or heroic, dont add them as villians or heroes.
  • If possible, try to upload high quality images.
  • I'm not sure if everyone knows about this, but everyone has a talk page. Make sure to check that often.

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