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    New Episode Ideas

    June 30, 2011 by Toadstool

    Now, I know that you all are expressing your creativity, and I know that you are having fun, but let's please keep all of your blog ideas about your episode ideas away from the wiki. This wiki is now overflowing with random episode ideas. This is a wiki, not a fanfiction website. Please go to the South Park Fanon to post your ideas. These episode ideas are distracting people from contributing to the wiki. It is also very annoying to see the recent edits and all of them are for blog posts. I can barely see edits on main pages. So for now on, please stop making New Episode ideas.

    I know that I may have started this by writing my own episode, but I posted it on a different website, I didn't make a whole blog. If you make your ideas on differe…

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  • Toadstool

    Editing Info

    December 22, 2010 by Toadstool

    I have noticed something that many people can't seem to get right. So here is a list of things to do when you are editing.

    • Do NOT state opinions. Opinions are not allowed.
    • When editing, use proper grammar. On talk pages or blogs it's fine, but when editing, use grammar.
    • Dont add stuff that is random. Example: Cartman is a young, dirty poopy mouth boy, who .......
    • If people you keep trying to edit something in which someone has just been undoing your edits, most likely what you wrote is not needed or wrong.
    • Do not add uneeded information. Example: If you are editing something about The Boys and what they do, dont put some tiny fact in their about what they did if the article doesn't list everything they did together.
    • When making characters, use t…
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  • Toadstool

    For those who do not know, the South Park Archives now has its own chat room! This should make communications faster and easier. The link is posted on the South Park Archives home page.

    ( )

    Just make your name (preferably your South Park Archives username) and fill out the confirmation code to access the chat. Hope you enjoy it!

    If you'd like to register your nickname on freenode, follow this guide.

    If you're an admin on the South Park Archives and you registered your name on freenode, you will be given operator status, if you're not registered, you'll still be made an op but only for a single session.

    • Thanks to Annonnimus for setting up the chat (:
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    Red and Skeeter

    August 26, 2010 by Toadstool

    There is no prrof that Red is Skeeter's daugther.

    • Red already learned about sex in Proper Condom Use
    • Red was sitting next to Skeeter when he said it, but so? That doesn't mean anything.
    • She showed no signs of being his daughter when he was talking.

    I want all posts saying they are related to be changed.

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  • Toadstool

    Skeeter & Rebecca/Red

    August 26, 2010 by Toadstool

    In Good Times with Weapons, Skeeter said that it warped his daughter's fragile little mind. He didn't say it was Red nor did he show any signs that she was. Yes, she was sitting next to him, but that doesn't mean anything. He said "How am I going to explain it to her?" He wouldn't say that infront of his daughter... She also looked at him when he was talking and didn't really show any signs that he was her dad. So there is no proof that Red is Skeeter's daughter and I think that she really isn't. I would like to change all pages that say she is.

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