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Who would you rather be?

TOkun592 October 18, 2011 User blog:TOkun592

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I would like to know who people would rather be out these people.

  • Eric Theodore Cartman.
  • Kenny McCormick. 5
  • Stan Marsh. 1
  • Kyle Broflovski. 1
  • Towelie.
  • Chef.
  • Mr. Garrison.
  • God.
  • Jesus Christ.
  • Satan.
  • Saddam Hussein.
  • Cthulhu. 2
  • Scott Tennorman.
  • Wendy Teataburger.
  • Bebe Stevens.
  • Jimmy Vulmer.
  • Timmy Burch.
  • Leopold " Butters " Stotch.
  • TOkun592.

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