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Which South Park Romantic Relationship ( Canon. ) Is The Best?

I want to know what everyone thinks the best romantic relationship is? Canon.

  • Cartman x Wendy
  • Stan x Wendy
  • Kenny x Kelly
  • Kenny x Tammy
  • Kyle x Rebecca
  • Token x Wendy Token
  • Satan x Saddam Hussein
  • Satan x Chris
  • Satan x Felonious ( That guy from " Hell On Earth 2006 "; Satan's new lover. )
  • Butters x Lexus
  • Kyle x Bebe
  • Garrison x Mr. Slave

So far: Cartman x Wendy 5

Kenny x Tammy 1

Stan x Wendy 3

Butters x Lexus 2

Kyle x Bebe 1

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