Greetings everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I am waiting for my family to wake - up, and I thought of this as I was editing my profile. This blog will be about my thoughts of who would be good heroes and good ( Or is it bad? ) villains. I will discuss how Professor Chaos, Mysterion, The Coon, and General Disarray would make great Heroes / Villains.

Professor Chaos

Professor Chaos would make a great villain, because his childhood was filled with abuse. He was sexually molested by an uncle, he was beaten, severely, by his parents, he is shunned, insulted, humilated, and physically abused by other kids, and he has seen countless people die, having causing the deaths in " You Got F'd in the A ", twice. Healso witnessed his father masturbating in a gay bath house, saw him having sex with men, his mother tried to murder him by drowning him in a car, and he was replaced, rather cold heartedly, by Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, despite him being nothing but nice to them.

All of these things point to him becoming filled with darkness, which finally comes out in " Professor Chaos ", when he decides to bring destrution and doom to society. Butters even says in " Butter Very Own Episode " that he lied when he said to The Boys that he would be fine after finding out his parents secrets ( Despite the fact that he had seen them. ). I believe that this psycological and emotional trauma would create a very dark, very hate - filled person. Butters was also sold for millions of dollars by his parents, has been grounded for things that are out of his control, and he was also beaten severely ( As I stated before. ), which would severely damage any child's psyche.


Professor Chaos is shown to have many skills that would make him a great, if not the greatest, Villain. He successfully hacks into a jumbotron at a baseball game, showing skill in computers and technology. He also is shown to tolerate pain quite well, as shown in " Good Times with Weapons ", where he gets a ninja star in his eye an doesn't pass out, cry for too long, an even walks to a hospital ( For people. ), despite his delerious state from blood loss, possible brain trauma ( As the shuriken might've hit his brain. ), and possible poisoning or being high, as he says that the glue The Boys were using to stick dog fur on him was, " Making him dizzy. ".

Butters is shown to also have the ability to control his Imagination while in Imaginationland; however Eric Cartman does the same thing with extreme ease, so his beginning with hardship may have been due to his own fear and stress. But still, this shows that he has the power. He even creates a new Imaginationland, and acted very quickly when he saw The Nuke coming; Butters protected himself and The Humans ( As Cartman could Imagine things, he was real, thus indicating he is not an Imaginary Character. ), showing extremely fast reflexes.

Professor Chaos would a great, if not the greatest, Villain, because of the psycological, emotional, and physical trauma he has experienced, which would make him likely to kill anyone he pleases. His expertise with computers would also allow him to use technology to do his bidding. His wish to bring Chaos and Destruction also allows him to do anyhthing he pleases. Whereas The Coon would need someone or something, Chaos could just get rid of it.


Mysterion would make a great Hero because He is shown to care for others moe than Himself, willing to sacrifice HIs life to save others from death. Mysterion's upbringing allowed Him to become resilient and strong minded. Mysterion's little sister Karen also provides Him with a reason to fight and protect; for His scared little sister. Mysterion's constant deaths has made Him see how things are on the other side, making Him unafraid to die. Mysterion knows when to take action and to stop playing around.


Mysterion is shown to be reborn every time He dies, whether He wants to be or not. He also shows amazing fighting skills, as he fights off both Professor Chaos and General Disarray in " The Coon "; though they are children and they were mainly slapping, they still outnumbered him two to one. Mysterion's fighting ability is shown to be far superior than most people, as in "The Poor Kid", He beats the crap out of Jennifer Pinkerton, a bully far lrger than Himself, jumping high enough to kick her in the head.

Mysterion also shows amazing speed and strength. He is able to disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye, even if the person is next to Him, or He is near a group. Mysterion is shown to carry His little sister Karen McCormick on His shoulders, up a gutter, and to the roof or a window of the school without breaking a sweat or slowing down. He also lights and throws fire - crackers with one hand in order to blind / distract His enemies or witnesses.

Mysterion's Immortality is perhaps His greatest skill, as He can used it as a form of improvised teleportation. He uses it to escape The Sunken City of Ry' Leh, by impaling Himself on a spike. His Immortality also allows Him to not be afraid of anything.

Mysterion would be a great Hero due to His unwavering want to help others and His willingness to sacrifice Himself for others. His fighting skills also allow Him to actually fight and do something; if all He had was Immortality, then He would be pretty useless.

The Coon

The Coon would make a great Anti - Hero and / or Villain because of his background. While he is shown to care for only himself ( And cats. And possibly his friends. ), he will help the greater good if it benefits him. The Coon has no immediate abuse history, as he was never beaten or sexually assaulted ( At least that he knows of ( " Simpsons Did It ". ). He is, however, extremely spoiled and often bullied by his friends at school. These things have made him become extremely hateful of his peers and make him believe that he deserves everything he wants.


The Coon is shown to be very good with weapons such as guns ( He uses a revolver in " 1% ", and lands a head shot every time. ), blades, and a master manipulator, able to rally large groups in mere minutes, ones who will follow his every command, even if they were his victims from before ( " Ginger Kids ". ).

The Coon would be a great Anti - Hero as he would do good things if they benefited him. However, The Coon would be an even greater Villain due to his ability to manipulate others into doing what he wants them to do with incredible ease. His incredible marksmanship would allow him to be able to gun down enemies if he needed.

General Disarray

General Disarray would a good Villain due to his following Chaos.Disarray follows Chaos' every command, willing to blow up a hospital for him. Disarray has no known abusive background, however he does harbor hatred for not being accedpted into a circle of friends. Disarray's low self - esteem makes him highly susceptible to influence from others.


General Disarray is shown to be able to swing from a rope and land on top of The Coon from a far distance. Disarray is also very intelligent and likes math. Disarray is shown to be more of a follower than a leader.

General Disarray would make a good Villain, but not as good as The Coon or Professor Chaos. He is very intelligent and able to take on another in a fight.

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