Eric Cartman is shown to be evil on the show; killing people, making a kid eat his parents, sending his friends into a dark oblivion, and taking complete control of a dark God from another universe ( Cthulhu. ), reputed as being the most evil thing in all the universe, and having. But is he evil? Cartman

My brothers are annoying me right now, I'll start again tomorrow.

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Cartman attacks people in a group; jews, hippies, poor people, etc. This could be considered self defence however, as Kyle, a jew, hates Cartman, even trying to kill Cartman by encouraging him to be a pirate, knowing that the real pirates would probably kill him; Cartman actually saves Kyle and his family several times. Cartman doesn't attack poor people, but more along the lines picks on them. Then hippies; hippies are shown to actually be destructive, shwing Cartmman as a hero, wanting to save everyone; Cartman even tries to protect his friends.

Then there's the murders; Cartman killed Scott Tennorman's parents and fed them to him; this could be his insanity, as this act was completely insane.

Cartman is shown as a clean shaven, thin, and nice person My Future n Me; his future self. Cartman doesn't say any obscenities or insults, indicating he is nice now.

Cartman is shown to treat others how everyone treats him; Kyle insults him because of his weight, and so hates jews. Scott Tennorman humiliates him, tortures him, and cons him out of money, then burns it in front of him after promising to give to it back, and laughs at his pain, and so Cartman makes him go insane by making him eat his parents and cry in front of Radio Head.

In the end I think Cartman is insane, but not evil, due to his evil acts being in retaliation.

And then you see the whole Cthulhu thing. And that SCREAMS EVIL!!!! But these could be considered " heroic ", as he did kill hippies, who were shown to be destructive, and destroys other things that he calls evil.

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