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  • StanFord85

    The Dream Voice of Gingers is imagination, the voice for Scott Tenorman will Alex Hirsch (Creator of Gravity Falls).

    • Kate Higgins : Kyle Broflovski
    • Brian Drummond : Eric Cartman (in Gingers Kids)
    • Alex Hirsch : Scott Tenorman
    • Tara Platt : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Vic Mignogna : Thomas Tucker
    • Wendee Lee : Sheila Broflovski, Lisa Cartman, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Rob Paulsen : Timmy Burch
    • Christine-Marie Cabanos : Red, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Thurop Van Orman : Gordon Stoltski
    • Kira Vincent-Davis : Carol McCormick, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Tia Ballard : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Bryn Apprill : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Megan Shipman : The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Cristina Vee : Milly, The Ginger Separatist Movement
    • Hilary…

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  • StanFord85

    The Dream Voice of Coon and Friends is imagination, the voice for Mystérion will Eric Newsome (voice of Meta Knight) and the voice TupperWear will Gary Anthony Sturgis.

    • Eric Stuart : Toolshed
    • Kate Higgins : The Human Kite
    • Brian Drummond : The Coon
    • Eric Newsome : Mysterion
    • Todd Haberkorn : Mosquito
    • Gary Anthony Sturgis : TupperWear
    • Rob Paulsen : Iron Maiden
    • Vic Mignogna : Mint-Berry Crunch

    • Tom Kenny : Captain Hindsight

    • Brook Papenbrook : Professor Chaos
    • Brittney Karbowski : General Disarray
    • Kenny James : Cthulhu
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  • StanFord85

    The dream voice of South Park is imagination, and alternative for the characters and replaced the actor Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    So Trey Parker and Matt Stone will be replaced by Eric Stuart, Kate Higgins, Brian Drummond and Greg Ayres for the voice of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

    StanFord 17:11, April 23, 2016 (UTC)

    Let's say this is dubbed and annonced by FUNimation and they reached out only to FUNimation regulars (Dallas, Houston, some LA, Ocean Group, 4Kids Voice Actors) for this dub. Now I know it will never happen and it is impossible to replace the original VAs (they made the characters the characters we know in love.)

    • Eric Stuart : Stan Marsh
    • Kate Higgins : Kyle Broflovski
    • Brian Drummond : Eric Cartman, Gerald Broflovski, Mike With …

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