Hey guys. This small blog is created for a small purpose. As we all know, South Park: The Fractured But Whole will be coming out soon, which I hope does better than the original in terms of combat, and actually delivers the content the trailers tease unlike the previous game which ended up having most of the stuff completely gone. But anyway, that's not the case. Right now, I just thought of this idea for a superhero in the game, which of course covers for Heidi Turner, as you all saw last season. Sure Cartman is his old self in this game, but I was wondering if Heidi herself would actually be a hero herself since the relationship between the two is still on. Heidi's character would be the Analyst, a hero in story wise, is the wife of the Coon. She appears similar to her husband except having a pink mask, and differs heavily in combat, where she has more agility and brainpower than her husband does, as well with knowing the plans of others through her "emoji analysis", which she can use to hack through computers. If anyone reads this, please leave your thoughts on whether or not this would be a good idea for a superhero.

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