Journey of JD-3164's life, (Entry #2)

Dear Journal, it's nice to write once again after doing a bit of work, as well as listening to some cartoons. I've been sitting here, in my new desk that's in my new home.

I just moved to South Park, Colorado because I just got tired of living in the woods were bears would try to eat me alive.

Some kids were outside my house the other day, four boys,(not suprising).

Stan Marsh, wearing that puffball hat looking like he just got out of being a psycho.

Kyle Broflovski, the only jew child in the town who had a ton of voice you'd love to stick your dick in.

Eric Cartman, the fat, and rascist boy who believed he was better than the others like he was a senator.

And of course, Kenny, the parka-wearing kid who looked as if he kept dying and returning.

Okay, enough with being rude. They questioned me why I was the only one living there. Told them I was tired of living in PA. Shut them up quick in two minutes.

I don't want them to know why I'm dressed with my armor, they thought after a while that I was a Star Wars geek, which made me want to punch them.

Anyway, it's always snowy on the grass, which means the grass will never grow. I guess I know why this place is terrible, because it's cold out.

I'm gonna finish this entrance in soon because it's just a few days I've been here.

So whatever I have to say, I'm a Scout Trooper, and I'm gonna stay that out.

End of Entry #2.

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