The McCormicks are my favourite family, although they family is crazy. 

Carol McCormick- Idk, but she reminds me of that one person who always likes to hang around, although mostly listens, they're like that person who you can blab everyone to! She does cares deeply about her family (Especially Kenny). Ironically, she does seem to get into mini arguments, and always likes to squabble. 

Karen- She is adorable tbh, but she seems so lonely. She has two caring brothers (although one mostly seems to ignore her) and she when she gets presents, she will not let go of it. 

Kenny- This kid is absolutely the God of South Park. Kenny is literally immortal, he cares about so many people. Kenny is that one kid who you would want to have right next to you for your entire life, and that one kid who you start crying when he does. Kenny is the best friend for everyone. Although sometimes your knowledge for some subjects might be a little bit messed up, lots of people come to ask you questions, and that one person who is easy to get along with. Kenny is one very amazing kid, although sometimes he is too gullible, and he ends up paying the price.

Kevin- Hehehe, male version of Shelly. Kevin is very interesting... although he seems to be bored, and really likes waffles. Others seem to trust him, and his sister Karen likes going to him and Kenny for protection, or just to talk to. Kevin does sometimes get into crazy arguments, but he doesn't talk much. You know those people who don't like to share, but they have to, to make others happy? Yeah. That's Kevin. Am I the only one who thinks that Shelly likes Kevin or vice-versa? They seem, so perfect.

Stuart- The leader. Sticks around other dads, and always does the same things as the others. 

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