• Rajanlol

    Wow, what a classic. First of all, this episode introduced easily the grossest character of  all South Park, Mr. Hankey. If you don't care for poop jokes, you might not agree with me. He went on to be in some terrific episodes such as "Red Sleigh Down" and "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls". For being so disturbing, he is such a happy character, or as happy as you can get in that town.

    Now, onto the songs. This was the first South Park musical, so it has to be good(unless it's like The Simpsons). I loved "The Lonely Jew on Christmas", easily a classic. And who can forget the original "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch", before the movie. And who could forget this amazing satire? All about how Christmas doesn't have to be PCed? But there was one bad fault: T…

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