I have another episode idea. It is a parody of Raven. (I dunno if thats still on)

It starts with the boys watching Raven, and Bridon got onto the show. Cartman gets jealous, and applies for Raven. He is rejected. He cries, and Kyle starts feeling sorry for him. Kyle reveals that his Uncle works for the BBC, and could get the four boys in. They get in - Kenny is a tree, Cartman is a sun, Stan is a cloud, and Kyle is a wave. The other contestants are: Millie (moon) Jimmy (Mountain). Kenny is the best at it, as he just reappears where he died when he does, and no-one in the programme notices. Cartman is good at it as he finds a way to cheat in every game. Kenny disappears for good when he sacrifices himself so Millie survives in the end, beating Cartman.

I need ideas as this is like, a 5 minute idea right now, and the things I know in Raven are:

  • Spider's Cave - where you must pass using the tiles, and you cant touch the poisonus webs;
  • Dark Path - where you must get to the end without looking at a demon or it will turn you to ash. You are blindfolded. If you touch a bad leaf, a demon will be alerted.
  • The way of the warrior - where the person with the least leaves must pass dangerous obsticles, if you touch anything, you lose.
  • Eyeless Demons - where you must get past the demons, and collect the ring. If you touch the demons, or do not get the ring before the opponent, you lose a life.
  • Treasure Ring - Where 2 people race in rings to get a ring. The person who gets the ring stays on to face the next person. If you lose a race, you lose a life
  • Deep Loch - Where you swim in the deep loch. Race to the opposite bank, to collect the rings that are there. First there gets 3 rings. Second 2. Third 1. Anyone that fails the swim loses a life.
  • The leap of faith - where you must jump to get the rings.
  • Fire demon - where you must hit the fire before it gets you.
  • Demon Square - Where you must get to the end of the squares before a demon touches you.
  • Last Stand - Where the 3 winners must get to the end. 2 will pass. Nevar shootss at you.

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