I haven't had much spare time lately, as I have been animating and script editing for 09jhero, but I have managed to come up with my own episode idea.

It starts with Cartman's latest facebook podcast, and Cartman tells everyone to dump Tammy as a facebook friend as she has shpilis. The boys are then at the bus stop, with Laptops. Tammy comes up to Kenny and dumps him, as he watches too much porn, and doesn't have time for her. He then goes away crying. Tammy then asks Kyle if he wants to be her new boyfriend. Kyle immediatly gets a boner, and Tammy thinks that is gross, so asks Cartman out. Cartman also gets a boner, but his penis is so small, she can't see it. She asks if he wants to go to TGI Fridays, and he immediatly says yes. When Kenny finds out, he doesn't really mind, as he isn't a cry baby. Kenny tells Cartman he must get his penis bigger or Tammy will dump him. When Cartman asks for a penis enlargement, the doctor needs parent's permission. Cartman starts crying to pretend he has no mother or father. He falls for it, and gives him a penis enlargement. Cartman then goes to TGI Fridays, with Tammy. Cartman takes off his clothes, and then Tammy pulls out a ruler and takes a picture. She tells Cartman it was all a trick because she has just found out about him telling everyone about her having syphilis., she is still with Kenny, Kyle pretended to have a boner, the doctor gave him penis size reduction, and wanted to humiliate him. She hacks the internet and posts the picture on every website, and puts a virus, making it undeletable.

If you have any ideas for it, please comment with them.

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