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Burgers out my ASS!

So yeah... next episode is "Ass Burgers". It will make fun of Asperger's Syndrome, no doubt, due to the name. Things to note about the clip/description:

  • This isn't the nurse we knew.
  • Nurse Gollum/McShwartz hasn't died, yet.
  • Cartman's voice is alot more innocent.
  • Why would the lady look at Cartman's huge ass anyway, what is she, a frikking pedo?
  • How would Cartman not notice a whole hamburger down his ass? Maybe this is just a prank.
  • Is this Cartman's way of replicating the syndrome? If so, wtf?
  • Kyle has joined in on Cartman's mischief before.
  • The title is nothing special, Shane Dawson made that pun years ago.

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