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  • PolisKanin


    December 20, 2011 by PolisKanin

    so im leaving (again) but this time im not coming back

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  • PolisKanin


    November 25, 2011 by PolisKanin

    meh i guess im back

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  • PolisKanin

    Burgers out my ASS!

    October 5, 2011 by PolisKanin

    So yeah... next episode is "Ass Burgers". It will make fun of Asperger's Syndrome, no doubt, due to the name. Things to note about the clip/description:

    • This isn't the nurse we knew.
    • Nurse Gollum/McShwartz hasn't died, yet.
    • Cartman's voice is alot more innocent.
    • Why would the lady look at Cartman's huge ass anyway, what is she, a frikking pedo?
    • How would Cartman not notice a whole hamburger down his ass? Maybe this is just a prank.
    • Is this Cartman's way of replicating the syndrome? If so, wtf?
    • Kyle has joined in on Cartman's mischief before.
    • The title is nothing special, Shane Dawson made that pun years ago.
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  • PolisKanin

    Hi, I am making a hebrew South Park wiki. It is being made, so could anyone help? If you don't know Hebrew, could you please just use a translating site, as I need lots of help. I only have a Marklar page atm. The link is

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  • PolisKanin

    This is my idea for a South Park episode.

    The episode starts with Cartman having a Christmas party at McDonalds.At the party are: Stan, Cartman, Kenny, Tammy, Tweek, Butters, Craig, Washcloth, Wendy, Clyde, Gregory and Tommy. Ronald McDonald comes up and suggests that the parents leave and have a good time on ther own.

    The scene then changes to all the parents of the kids that were at the party (not Cartman's mom - obviously not his dad as he's dead) in one room watching the news. It states "Ronald McDonald was found having sex with young boys and girls at a christmas party last night. The victims left some clothes and they found a blue hat with a poofball on, (Stan's parents' eyes go wide) a red top (Clyde's parents' eyes go wide) yellow ha…

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