Starting from You're Getting Old.

It's Not Normal

With, Cartman, Kenny and Kyle they decide to go to a Tween Wave Concert and the parents disagree. Then Kyle comes up with a plan to get to the concert. Cartman had put Harley Rider sounds on their parent's bedsides. The next morning the parents get scared and run out the window. After the boys are at the concert it closes due to a volcano. Then they go to watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Then it all looks like crap. The boys now realise how they treated Stan and they try to go to Los Angles where Stan is. They then get Stan back and everything goes back to normal.

Meanwhile, after Randy divorced Sharon, 2 things have been going on his life. He realises that he'll never see Shelly graduate, or him getting Grandchildren. He also realises he quit his job as a geographer and then gets angry. After having a talk with the 2 men who stole his underwear and goes back to South Park and stop the volcano. Suddenly, Sharon is watching and realises that he should support him, so they move back to South Park and get remarried.

Who's Da Daddy?

In school theres a Daddy-Child dance but Cartman gets annoyed that he killed his dead. Scott, his half-brother starts to bug him about it. Cartman then tells him they have the same dad. Scott also feels bad about it. Liane, is cooking food and goes into a secret room and is seen having sex with a random man The next day Cartman goes to a libary and goes into the Cartman history. He wanted know how awesome his dad is. When finished the whole book and Jack Ternoman wasn't his real father, it was Harry Cartman. In the night Cartman went to get a drink and he hit his back on a wall leading to his mum and dad talking. Cartman ran out the room and his mother began lying to him. Cartman threatened his mum that if she stopped lying he'd kill himself. Cartman began posting letters on peoples doors saying what he thinks about them. When Kyle get's one he starts getting happy. Then Stan and Kenny get upset, because without Cartman, they wouldn't be beating the crap out of people or introdoucing them into new music. So the boys go to help him they try persuading him to come up. Liane comes into the scene and starts telling the truth, she used Jack Ternoman to stop people trying to find more about her. Cartman then comes back up and starts living with his dad.

Call of Black Zombies

When school starts everyone is sitting down on thier chairs and Pip comes in the class sitting down. Everyone thought he got crushed by Mecha Strieshand. Kenny looks at Pip, thinking he's immortal. Stan thinks Kenny is wrong and they go to Pip to ask him. But then Pip's actually got revived by Black Ops Zombies. The boys think he's wierd so then they start playing black ops and Cartman find it confusing that if you get revived on Zombies it goes into real life. When that happens, the boys run through a train track only to die and respawn. It's great at first but it annoys Kenny that he likes being the only person to die. Kenny then goes to Treyarch and realises it's just two guys running the place. Trey and Arch own the company, then Kenny throws a Machete at both of them then it the glass then smashing the game server, shutting the games down then it goes to Kenny and kills him. Everyone in school calls Kenny a Jelous Arsehole because he should have just left it.

New Friend, But it's Him Again!

The Brofloski's leave to go Spain, the McCormicks leave to go France and the Cartman's leave to go Italy. All of them go for 3 months. The Marshes, they begin to get bored and try to go for a Holiday to. But they don't have enough money. So they put a thing called New Family Friend Applications. The Black's apllied, the Donvan's aplied and the Turners. All the famlies suck except a family called the Harrisons applied. Stan forgot where that last name came from. They excepted them and when they came they remembered them. Stan realise's he made a mistake leaving Garry, he realised that he should have been a friend back. Stan then hangs out wih Garry and they have a lot in common. A 6th grader comes up to them asks for money. She was about to punch Stan then Garry punches the 6th Grader making her cry. Stan liked that, he never had any protecters. After 3 months the families come back and Garry is now Stan's back-up Friend.

Not With My Star Player

In the 4th Grade class, Mr. Garrison get annoyed with the boys and assigns them to coach the 3rd Grade Basketball team. The same team that Bridon is at. Stan didn't want to do anything for him, and he doesn't forgive him because the girls wouldn't listen to thier performance. At the Gym, they boys look at the basketball team play, Stan goes up to Kyle, Cartman and Kenny to him they should beat him up. Cartman insinsted that they should strap Kyle to a bomb and kill him. Instead Kyle disaggred and told Stan to forget about it. Stan saw Bridon shoot a 3 pointer, he was impressed and then came up with a game plan. As Kyle being the Fitness Trainer, he gave them some Gatorade for next match against North Park Sharks. Kenny being the the Co Manager helped Stan to get the team scoring and Cartman sorting out the substitutes. When the match starts, Kenny is still at home, so he goes running to school. At the court Kenny is running down the bleachers he trips over the stairs, launches at the court and Bridon shoots the ball and it hits Kenny. Stan is amazed at the team and Kyle too.Kenny's body goes round the hoop and cleaned up by the janitor. After when the Cow's win 5 games, Stan goes to Wendy's house and tells her how great the team is doing, after Stan leaves Wendy starts having dreams about Bridon. At Bridon's house, his parent's are out and Wendy comes into the house. Bridon is confused on why Wendy is at her front door. Wendy asks for help on a report, she goes into her room, she closes the door and starts kissing him on the bed. Stan see's that Bridon's door is open and goes into his room and gets shocked that Wendy is cheating on him. He screams and runs out the house. Wendy goes to the Marshes house and goes to set it straight with Stan. Stan realises she's growing up too. So at the next match, Stan wonders why the other Basketball coach is now coaching, then Mr Garrison says that it was only 3 weeks.

Thinking Wrong

In a school a PTA meating the parents decide for a trip to another contry. One choice was Canada, but most of them have already been. Second choice was Afghanistan, but they don't want to se terrorists. The last choice was England, because it has a better community. All the parents agreed, they began chosing the grade that should go and end up being 4th grade, when Pricipal Victoria annouced it, it was load that it killed Kenny and Stan and Kyle said their lines in a sleepy way. At the next day of school the kids get ready for England, they thought it be bad, because they're poorer. Token tells them, it's now a better country then Russia. The boys believes this and they now realise they thought wrong about England. When they arrive they see a hotel and they enter it. At the hotel they like England. Then the next morning Cartman was annoyed because if he schooled in England he'd be in 5th Grade. After the trip was over Cartman stayed in England and realised he hated it there, so swam back to America.


At a spaceship a guy in a wierd look jumps off and says his stopping at South Park. He waves his hand and a sign says South Park, at 2016. It starts with an Older Stan looking at his music trophies. He smilles. Then it goes over to an older Kenny who is now a daredevil. (Because he can keep dying and still be alive) Over to a Future Eric, who looks like his a CEO(My Future Self n Me Reference) Then an Older Kyle who has a Hate Cartman poster everywhere and is seen reading a book. Stan looks at his calander and realises it's time for him to go Kyle's house. Kenny bikes over a ramp and slides through Kyle's door, killing him. Then they remember all the times Kenny died. An older Ike comes in and leaves the house for Canada. Stan tells them that his getting married to Wendy soon. Kyle says that Wendy Marsh sounds wierd. Stan notices the boys have rings on thier second finger. Stan asks them if their purity rings, but actually they're married to other women. Kyle, married to a Jewish Girl from Jersey, Eric's married to a girl from Miami and Kenny married one of those Romanian Sisters. Stan then looks at them

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