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Hack Help (Good One)

Hello i'm new at South Park but i passed Stick Of Truth 'till level below

      • SPOILER ALERT!!! If you don't complete whole Stick Of Truth or not till level in wich S must to be pressed don't read information below***(Wow did i really write it right? Fuck Yeah!!!)

I can't press the level with aliens there i think as you know are 3 or 4 Dildo's pointing at Dovakiin's ass and you should press S i pass it only on 1st stage but black one (2nd is Impossible) I ask you hack wich would get it up by not pressing it god damnit i even asked friend to pass that fuckin' shit and no fuck no it's no way to fuckin' pass it!!!I saw a looooooooooooooooot of spoilers and i saw what Dovakiin's parents Showed" love please tell that i should not press S on it too if yes i will fuck up my computer =D

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