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Good day to you, all South Park fans.

Okay I'll get straight to the point. Since I joined this wiki in February 2012, I have seen it change drastically. First, Neocarleen announced her retirement. Now, the wiki's two -formerly- most active admins, Manic The Hedgehog and User:Aelita Schaeffer have left. To be honest, this has left me frustrated, as these two guys were the ones who taught me how to edit when I first came, and I do, and will, miss all my good times with them.

For more than 3 months I have been continously active, i.e. I have been editing every day. On August 3, GamePlaya promoted me to an admin. I plan to keep on editing on this wiki for a very, very long time. But I have to say GP's retirement had a bad timing, since I'm going on a vacation and may not be able to find even an internet connection. I feel obligated to inform all of you about this because I don't want you to be alarmed over my -possible- inactivity which won't last more than a week. But Cryptar will still be here, you can always contact him, and I will also try to check the wiki when I can.

P.S.: This isn't a time I'd normally be online (4 A.M.) but I had to wake up early to catch my plane, and I ended up waking up a bit too early.

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