• In future I want to see Kenny and Mysterion as a more prominent character. He could also remove his hood occasionally 'cause I really like to hear unmuffled lines of him, but not permamently of course. I also want more information about his family:
    • Why didn't Karen appear in most of the family scenes of McCormicks in early seasons?
    • Is Kenny's family aware of his abnormal deaths? Mrs. McCormick sometimes speaks like she isn't but when she gives birth she mysteriously remembers.
    • By the way, why did he die "permanently" (Kenny Dies) or stay dead a little longer (Sexual Healing, The Ring etc.) if he could resurrect in about 24 hours as in Coon vs. Coon and Friends?
    • What about that grandpa in Fat Camp? The relatives of Stuart that are mentioned in Chickenlover?
    • Mrs. McCormick doesn't even have a name.
  • That other fourth grade class is kept mysterious. I anticipate some reveal.
  • I'm quite fond of the fight scenes, especially those with Cartman. So far we've seen Kyle vs. Cartman, Stan vs. Kyle, Kenny vs. Cartman (briefly), Mysterion vs. Chaos, Cartman vs. Mr. Nelson, Cartman vs. Wendy (kickass!) -anyway write in the comments if I've forgotten anything else. (Edit: There is also Randy vs. Bat Dad, Stuart vs. Gerald, Kenny vs. Gerald and Tweek vs. Craig.)