Even though I love SP in each season there is at least one episode I dislike. The reasons vary: too gross, too political, too depressing, pointless, not funny at all etc. Here I made a list:

1. "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig": The only things I remember from this episode are the four assed creatures and Shelly beating up Stan's mutant. It's not a bad episode after all, just not my favourite.

2. "The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka": No particular reason, just not as funny as rest. Unlike most people I acutally like the Terrance & Phillip episode from this season.

3. "Jakovasaurs": DAMN, those creatures are really annoying!

4. "Pip": The only episode to date I couldn't stand watching 'till the end. I'm also not a fan of "Trapper Keeper".

5. "Kenny Dies": This season is the toughest. I like every single episode, yes even this one, however, after all this was so sad, especially the way he passed away and Stan's reaction to it. Besides it lost its unique meaning since Kenny's back (Thank God)

6. "Jared Has Aides": Most of the episode relied on the wordplay of Aides/AIDS which sounded lame after a couple of times. "Red Sleigh Down" also didn't have a point except for killing of Jesus and bringing back Kenny.

7. "Grey Dawn": I don't know, really.

8. "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset": Paris Hilton sucks!

9. "Wing": This is one of the best seasons; the episode I've chosen wasn't as funny as the others and the plot was kinda poor.

10. "Manbearpig": It was the first episode I saw and I went like "WTF did I just watch?!", though I got to be a fan of South Park after seeing "You Have 0 Friends". Also, "Stanley's Cup" is too depressing but it had a meaningful message: Don't trust all movies with a happy ending, it's not how it works in real life (so true!).

11. "Lice Capades": The plot that took place in Clyde's hair was stupid and predictable, and the main louse's voice was very annoying. "D-Yikes!": Too much Mr. Garrison=no good. This man is a complete pervert; first he is homphobic, then gay, then woman, then lesbian, then man and straight...

12. "Eek, A Penis!": Again, same reasons. It was probably just a transition episode to convert Mr. Garrison to a man again. Unlike most of the times, Cartman's subplot wasn't funny either, but I liked how he silenced the whole class by shouting "HOW DO I REACH THESE KEEDS?!".

13. "Eat, Pray, Queef": So disturbing and pointless, that's all.

14. "Sexual Healing": Booooooring.

15. "You're Getting Old": Depressing and 'shitty'. "Ass Burgers": The resolution was lame, Randy shows up with a van and everything goes back to normal, I mean, come on. "Funnybot": NOT FUNNY

WORST OF ALL: "Manbearpig" and "Pip"

Anyway, I'd like to see how other people think. Feel free to comment and list your own.

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