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    Favorite episodes of South Park List:

    1.Scott Tenorman Must Die

    2.Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

    3.The Biggest Douche in the Universe


    5.Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

    6.Black Friday

    7.Return of the Fellowship of the Ring of the Two Towers

    8.Breast Cancer Show Ever

    9. Major Boobage

    10. Sarcastaball

    11.The Death of Eric Cartman

    12. A Song of Ass and Fire

    13.Titties and Dragons

    14.Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers

    15.The Poor Kid

    17. Reverse Cowgirl

    18. Informative Murder Porn

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    so far my favorite episodes are (not in order)


    2.Scott Tenorman must Die

    3.Cripple Fight

    4.Tweek vs Craig

    5.Medicinal Fried Chicken

    6.The Coon


    8.Elementary School Musical

    9.Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

    10.You Have 0 Friends

    11.Trapper Keeper

    12.Butters Bottom Bitch


    14.A Ladder to Heavan

    15.Pre School

    16. Le Petit Tourette


    18.Broadway Bro Down

    19.Last of the Meheecans

    20.Faith Hilling

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  • Mistyjadeyt

    I just wanted to say .... I LOVE South Park i think it is the best show ever invented in the history of television!!!!!!

    It is hilarious and the characters plotline and animation are amazing!! Love the show all thanks to Tray Parker, Matt Stone and of course comedy central for broadcasting it on T.V.

    My Favorite Characters are:

    • Eric Cartman
    • Leopold Stotch (butters)
    • Kenny McCormick
    • Stan Marsh
    • Kyle Broflovski
    • Tweek Tweak
    • Craig
    • (Coon and Friends) and Professer Chaos (yes i know they are just wearing costumes)

    They are awesome

    Love South Park Best show ever!!!!!

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