Tween Rave is becoming a popular music series in South Park and almost everyone is addicted to it (including Kyle). In the Cafeteria, Stan brought up the time he used to see sh(bleep) everywhere after sneaking Tween Rave music at night. A nearby Wendy heard it and started getting suspicious as it could have caused Stan's outberst during class. Wendy then went to the music store and see the store owner listening to Tween Rave and stated that he is now seeing people as sh(bleep). Wendy concludes that Stan had the outberst because the Tween Rave music brainwashed him into seeing sh(bleep). Wendy then immediatley took Stan to the same doctor that saw that Chef is brainwashed (from The Return Of Chef). Meanwhile in separate scenes, Trent Boyett is doing his usual things untill a group of ginger kids show up and grabbed him. Then he finds himself in a warehouse being greeted by Scott Tenorman, Prof. Chaos, and Dougie.

Wendy then tries to warn the boys that Stan used to be brainwashed by Tween Rave. But they disregard it as revenge on Eric for the slander, untill they hear that Craig is seeing sh(bleep) after listening to Tween Rave. The boys and Wendy went to Eric's basement and the boys donned their superhero costumes. Wendy is not taking part of the superhero business since she has no superhero identity. They try to deduce where Tween Rave orifinated from. The Coon then stated that he is going to New York City as he got that idea of going there from one of the Tween Rave covers. Meanwhile the villainous children led by a now more evil Prof. Chaos are going to recreate a terrorist attack at the same city where 9/11 took place. They stowed away on a plane to Manhatten and saw the boys and Wendy (they figured out that Tween Rave originated from Manhatten) on the same plane. Chaos made Scott disguises himself as a waiter and drugs the boys and Wendy. They wake up to find themselves tied up and ready to be shot by Trent under Chaos' orders (to Tool Shed, Human Kite, Mysterion, and Coons surprise). But the plane had already landed and knocked the evil children down thus dropping the gun and giving the coon enough time to use his claws to escape. Our heroes take a taxi and told the driver to take them to Tween Rave HQ. Chaos and his "henchmen" jacked a mobsters car and follow the taxi in another refferance to the Dukes Of Hazzard (like in the episode Cancelled). The kids crash into Tween Rave HQ. The Coon taunted Prof. Chaos that they beat him (due to the evil characters car having more damage). Wendy then told the secretary that their here to give a piece of the publisher a piece of their mind for brainwashing South Park. The secretary reacted in surprise and puts on a gas mask before drugging them with smoke like substance. We then see a flashback of why Prof. Chaos is more evil. While in line at the music store, Butters has been asking why they want a new Tween Rave CD since they already have a Tween Rave CD. Eric can't take any more of Butters' childish questions and abandons him outside of the store calling him a "big baby". This had an effect on Butters and he declared that he will show them how mature he is. The kids and Scott wake up and find themselves in the CEO's office and are surprised to see that the CEO is none other than Saddam Hussein.

Saddam explains his reason for creating Tween Rave. After the boys got him arrested back in Canada, he knew that he has to give them bitter payback. So a while later during Canada's strike, he escaped and decided to create a music company in New York City. More a while later, he had the thought of using Tween Rave to brainwash America. With all of America seeing sh(bleep) everywhere, they will never see who the enemy is during the current war as the enemy will look like sh(bllep) to them. After the story, Jesus shows up and rescues the boys and Wendy, and reluctantly Prof. Chaos, Scott, Trent, and Dougie. They escape the buiding trying to find a way to stop Saddam. Later Chaos, and the other evil characters go on the roof planting bombs on the HQ to blow it up. However Scott had other plans in mind. He leave the other three kids behind while he blocks their escape routes. While panicing, Mysterion shows up and disarms their bomb. They also agree to form a truce. Saddam then has a conversation with the secretary about their brainwashing scheme. The secretary asks if the music could assist Iran, Saddam says he's from Iraq. The heroes, and villains enter the office and attack Saddam. Human Kite states that its for tricking Canada into slavery. The secretary disposes the evil characters by opening a trap door to the entrance. Scott shows up with a robotic exoskeleton of himself hoping that he would gain controle of Tween Rave. The plan failed as The Coon accidently scratched the robots ba(bleep), thus causing it to explode. Saddam and the secretary die from the impact, while Scott survives due to the robots head being explosion proof. Wendy makes a CD that would reverse the effects of the brainwashing. After successfully making the CD, The boys and Wendy head back to South Park. Meanshile, Prof. Chaos and Dougie stow away on the plane with a tied up Trent Boyett (they are going to place him back in Jevenille Hall as they don't need him anymore).

Returning Running Gags

They Took Our jobs!- Used while on the plane when Prof. Chaos stated that he and his group are killing The Coon first for taking his job back in the Cathulhu arc. Later used by Scott Tenorman when he claimed to have taken Erics job of being leader of the Ginger Separtest Movement.

Iraq, Iran, whats the difference?- Used durring Saddams conversation with the secretary.

Screw you guys, I'm going home- Used when The Coon claimed that he's going the New York City.

Do you know what I'm saying- Used when Prof. Chaos threatened Trent to drive with a knife.

Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 1

The 4th graders are at the Grand Canyon for a field trip. They are given metal detectors so they can dig for souveneers. The boys reacted to bourdem and Eric insults Kyle for bringing their jackets with them. Kyle separates from the boys and detects something. He digs up a stop watch and reads the label and the back and says "Looks like some kind of, digital stop watch time machine". He tests it by rewinding to the right before Eric insults him, and it worked. Right after past Eric insults Kyle, Kyle makes a comeback by insulting the way Eric can't accept his weight. Kyle went back to the present and starts thinking of undoing some of Erics racist antics. He went back to the urinal incident and stole Erics idea. Kyle pins 9/11 on Eric during the presentation. Past Eric approaches Kyle and says that kind of presentation was his thing. Kyle then says he's "pretty sure it was the newspapers thing". Kyle then leaves and went back to the present.

A little bit later, Kyle approaches the boys (including Butters) and asks when Eric tried to get Family Guy cancelled. Stan says April 12th, Kyle immediatley left the group leaving Eric suspicious. Kyle is setting the stop watch to April 12th untill he was interuppted by the boys. Stan says he knows Kyle has been going back in time to hummuliate Eric by undoing his antics. After hearing what Stan is talking about, Butters gets excited and plays with the stop watch. The boys try to get Butters' hands off the stop watch, but Butters messes up and sends the boys (with Butters) to a different time period.

The boys arrive at a familiar landscape (everything looks like cutout paper) and see themselves waiting at the bus stop. Past Eric is telling his friends about a dream he had last night. The present boys realize that Butters sent them to the day Eric got an anal probe and find it stange that their past selves looked a little different. The boys then follow the past boys to South Park Elementary (while Kyle is clueless about his voice being more high pitched back then). Butters gave the an idea of hiding in an air vent that leads to the cafeteria. Eric (who has had enough with the time stream being messed up) declares that they do not alter the past. Later while in an air vent, the boys watch themselves in the lunch line getting lunch and past Wendy shows up. Eric then says that he remember this (correctly), "This is where Stan's smile got big and hearts apppeared around him". Kyle also states that past Wendy sounds like someone that is going to die in a few years. They head back outside remembering the fire alarm going off. Stan says that he is enjoying time traveling during a week long field trip. Kenny then leaves saying that he has something important to do right now. Eric and Butters go to past Erics house thinking that they can hide in the basement untill the next day. However past Eric arrives home and gets on the couch. Eric sneezes and is discovered by past Eric. Eric manages to convince his past self that he is "you from the future". when the cock reaches 3:00, past Eric gets back to watching tv. Eric then tells his past self not to tell anyone about what happened right now. Meanwhile Kenny arrives at his house and uses his Mysterion moves to climb his bedroom window and sees himself in his bed. Later, Stan and Kyle watch their past selves waiting for the alien visitors. Stan says that its one his most cherished moments during his love life. They immediatley leave after the space ship shows up. Kyle tells Stan that he always keep forgetting to ask Ike why the visitors kidnapped him. The next mourning, The boys meet eachother and Butters trys to figure out the stop watch. They get a last glimpse of the time period by watching Barbrady dance, with Eric stating that his glasses just move upward. The boys then leave the time period

The boys end up near a volcano in the forest of South Park. Butters sent them to the wrong time period. Stan then states that he remembers this day and thinks that they were in that forest. Kenny then turns around to see the volcano about to erupt, he tells the boys to turn around. They see the volcano erupting and finally remembered the time the volcano erupted. They boys make a run for it with Butters being last in line (saying "Oh Hamburgers!"). Butters then trys to get him and the boys to a safe time period. The stop watch sends them to another time period just in time to avoid the flowing lava.

The boys end up near the dumpster of South Park Elementary where it is snowing. Kyle asks where they are now. They took a peek at the playground and see past Stan and past Wendy catching snow flakes with their toungs. Kyle remembers that this is the time his mom protests against Christmas while he is left out of the holiday. They also witness the past kids leaving past Kyle along in the playground and hear him sing about what he feels about being left out. Kyle then follows his past self saying that he never remembered that he used to have a depressing singing voice. The boys wait for Kyle to return from following his past self by talking about thier time in the past. Eric yet again states not to alter the past, even if it includes stoping a slander on Wendy. Kyle shows up and states that they should hide someplace warmer. They sneak into past Erics basement untill his past self leaves for the christmas play rehersal. The next morning, the boys follow their past selves to South Park Elementary and spy on them in the gym. They also witness past Eric singing "Kyles Mom's a B(bleep)", which Eric finds that he misses. The boys then see past Mr. Hankey attacking past Eric, thus getting past Kyle in trouble. Later, the boys are still spying on the rehersal in the gym and see past Kyle chasing past Mr. Mackey with past Mr. Hankey in a cup. They also see their past selves (except Butters' past self) drag past Kyle to an asylum. They follow and see themselves commiting Kyle to the asylum. Kyle then has enough with the past and decides that they should go back to the present. The rest of the boys agree and get the stop watch out of Butters' wrist since he has enough playing with the stop watch for two days. Kyle uses the stop watch to go to two days after Butters sent them to the past.

The boys end up back in Grand Canyon, Two days after they ended up time traveling. Kyle states that he didn't want to waste two days of his life when they get back right after Butters played with the digital stop watch time machine. Before Stan can get to his "I learned someting today" gag, Butters sees a statue of Human Kite near the Grand Canyon. Token shows up asking where they have been for the last two days and states that "their" about to unrave al Human Kites monument, thus shocking the boys. The screen turns black with the phrase "To be continued" appearing out of thin air

Digital Stop Watch Time Machine Part 2

Last time on South Park, the 4th graders take a week long trip to the Grand Canyon. Kyle finds a digital stop watch time machine and uses it to undo Erics antics. Things get out of hand when the boys found out what Kyle has been doing. Butters upon hearing that Kyle has a time machine, plays with the stop watch and sends them to the events of "Cartman Gets Anal Probe". The boys later travel to the events of "Volcano" and the first Christmas episode. Kyle then has enough with the past and sends him and the other boys back two days after Butters played with the stop watch. Upon their return, Token shows up and says that "their" going to unravel a Human Kite monument. Whats the monument for, Will Butters sing the Loo Loo Loo song, and why did Kenny go to his past selfs bedroom? Find out the answers in the second half of Digital Stop Watch Time Machine!

Token repeats what he said to the boys (which they claim that Token said that about 2 minutes ago). The boys decide to play along. Kyle asks what the Monument is for "again?". Token then says "what do you think", and says that its for Human Kite stopping The Coon from teaming up with Cathulhu and saving their country. After Token leaves, Eric became pissed and angerly asks Kyle what did he do. Kyle reveals that after following his singing past self, he told him about the Cathulhu incident. Eric then yells at him for altering the past and says "Who knows what kind of consequences are in store!". The boys reunite with the 4th graders and watch the news. Butters also wonders if "Professor Chaos" made the news yet. Clyde then asks "Who's Professor Chaos?", much to Butters' surprise. He asks the "fellahs", if any of them told their former selves about Professor Chaos. Kenny (knowing how Prof. Chaos came to be) reveals that he did something like that while in the past.

A flashback shows Kenny waking his former self up. At first, past Kenny thought that his future self is a clone. Luckily, Kenny manages to convince himself/him that he is from the future. Kenny then told his past self about his "long absence" that is going to happen later. Kenny also specifically that its from a muscle failiur caused by smoking, and that his corpse is going to be inciterated to ash soon afterwards. Past Kenny then promises that he is never going to smake again. Kenny then leaves his bedroom to catch up with the boys. End of flashback.

Butters is still confused about why Clyde doesn't know who Prof. Chaos is. An annoyed Kenny then made it clear that if he (Kenny) didn't disappear for a while, then Professor Chaos is never born. On the news, footage shows Human Kite following The Coon to Cathulhu with some police and Mint Berry Crunch. HK then takes out a baseball bat and says "Time to terrorize the crazy fat boy". HK then knocked Coon out with a bat and Cathulhu makes a run for it after hearing the sound of a baseball bat. The news also state that a couple days later, Mint Berry Crunch took out Cathulhu and sent him back to his prison. Kyle still confused about why Eric is so mad about the past being altered, asks what's the worse that can happen. Just then the news state that "The Ginger Sepertest Movement II" are succeding against normal sepertests. And it also shows "mourning announcer" Gordon Stoltski making a announcement. Butters is then confused about why Gordon is still alive. Stan reveals that while they (Eric, Kenny, Kyle, and Butters) are sleeping in Erics basement, he snuk out and goes to his past selfs bedroom. That is when he told past Stan when Gordon Stoltski is going to dye. And that if he dies, Eric is going to slander Wendy during school announcements. After the revelation, the news stated that the gingers are declaring war against the entire country for mocking them all the time. The rest of the class and Mr. Garrison are shocked that a war is about to happen.

Eric gets mad at Kyle about the war, which Kyle claims that a while later everything will be fine. Butters then discovers a button that says "AI mode" and presses it. The stop watch starts talking to the boys (much to their surprise) in an abusive way. The watch agrees with Eric and tells the boys to travel further into the future so Stan, Kyle, and Kenny can see what they done. Once the 5 boys travel further into the future outside of South Park Elementary, they see that everything is CGI. They see their future selves (future Eric in a straight jacket) in the 4th grade classroom and that they seem a little lazy now. just then, Mint Berry Crunch walks into the classroom thanking the boys for his assistance and is proud to be back in South Park (hinting that things didn't work out in space). The boys then hear explosions coming right behind them and see that South Park has become a war zone. Stan saw the bright side that his dad "Randy March" gets to be a cyborg. A cyborg Randy is seen partoling the neighborhood while singing "Psycho Killer". The stop watch insults them for making their own home into a battle field. Kyle is still not convinced yet and uses the watch to go even further into the future.

The boys end up in a seemingly abandoned 4th grade classroom. Kenny wonders where they are, Butters then took a look outside to see a futuristic version of South Park. Some otters come in and told the boys to hide from "them". Kyle aks what is going on here and who "them" are. One of the otters pointed its finger towards the window. They see robotic gingers patroling the streets of the future. The stopwatch then asks "Now yoy see what you three had done?". Kyle is a little convinced, but declares that they should access some archieves to see what made South Park like this. The otters took them to a computer in their hideout and tells them not to use the shield with the blue and yellow squares. Butters gets on and after a few minutes, he says he found something. It says that after the war began, numerous nuclear strikes had attacked the Eastern US. And it killed 3,000,000 people, all of which are not gingers (including Matt Groening, much to Erics horror and Butters' happy surprise). And several years later, the head ginger "Scott Tenorman" had taken full power of the gov't. Thus making Scott surpreme ruler of all of the United States of America. Meanwhile, top super villain "Captain Disaray" of South Park several years running, has dies in an attempt to take Scotts role of surpreme ruler. Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are now convince that they shouldn't alter the past and beg the stop watch to send them home. However, its low on battery and the stop watch can't take them home. Luckily, the AI is still active and tells the boys that there should be a replacement battery in this time period.

Along the way to the battery shop, Butters is still reading the archieves. He says that todays year is "2512, 500 years into the future". And that after Cathulhu got re-imprisoned, Eric/The Coon ended up in an insane asylum after explaining his motive and rarely gets out of the asylum for some fun (much to Erics dismay). The boys tell Butters to stop reading the archieves and pay attention. Before they can enter the shop, robot gingers surround them and caught them in a net and leave Butters behind. The boys are taken to a seemingly empty throne room where they are welcomed by a mysterious voice that somehow knew their names. Meanwhile, Butters manages to follow the boys all the way to the throne room and asks if there are any apples he can play with. The voice then turns the throne around and reveals himself to the boys (whom are shocked to see who it is).

The voice is revealed to be Scott Tenorman's brain in a moving robot (resembling The Brain from DC comics, but with his face painted on the front). Scott explains that since he can't live forever, he has to transplant his brain into a robot so that he will live on forever. Kyle then states that it takes a bunch of genius' to make a robotic body like that. Answering Kyle's question, Scott told the boys that gingers have become the most intelligent beings in the world after the civil war ended. Eric yells at his half brother about how he and the gingers can be both smart and American. Scott is glad he asked, and tells the boys he and his minions are going to explain "through a ravish musical number". He and the gingers immedieley start singing about what they are like (which is a parody to the American Dad musical number "Were Red And We're Gay"). After the song, Butters asks if there are any batterys for their time traveling stop watch. The gingers overhear this and surround the boys (with Eric saying "Nice going Butters.").

The boys end up tied up in the dungeon while 4 out of 5 of them are still mad at Butters. Scott explains that if he and the robot gingers go back in time, they will become more powerfull. The stop watch insults Butters for bringing up the stop watch. The gingers head for the labs with the stop watch and tells the boys that they have something in store for them later. Right after they left, Eric sees a bunch of otters at the window. The otters climb through the window and grab the keys. They unlock the cell and untie the boys. Butters (feeling bad for getting them and himself into the dungeon) asks where the labs are. One of the otters told them that its on the 2nd floor. Along the way, Kyle is discussing on how they will fix the timeline once they get the stop watch back. Eric suggests that they will go stop Kyle from finding the stop watch, but Stan tells him that they should stop themselves from telling their past selves from telling them about future events.

One of the ginger scientists succeded in creating a copy of the stopwatch. Just before Scott gets to use the copy, the boys and otters show up and snatch the real stopwatch. Kenny then headbuts Scotts robot suit and grabs the copy. Kenny uses the copy to travel to the past while the other boys travel to a different time period. Kenny ends up behind his past backyard fence standing on Scotts suit. Kenny immediatley tells the other Kenny to stop. Kenny 1 tells Kenny 2 not to tell past Kenny about his muscle failer because it will make Dougie a bigger bad guy than Proffesor Chaos. Scott manages to pick himself up and Kenny 2 runs away. Kenny uses the copy to return to the boys (however, Scott is holding him upwards when Kenny is doing it).

The others end up in front of the past school and managed to encounter the other boys. Eric 2 asks who screwed up and Eric 1 tells himself to take a wild guess. Kyle 1 tells Kyle2 not to tell "that" Kyle about the Cathulhu incident, or else the evil gingers will succeed more than the other separtests. Stan 1 also tells Stan 2 not to tell past Stan about Gordons death, because he will help the Ginger Sepertest Movement II succeed against other separtests. Eric 2 gets mad that they have been in this time period for 2 minutes and already Kyle and Stan destroyed America. Kenny 1 shows up with Scott, thus scaring the boys. A frightened Stan 2 and Kyle 2 tells their future selves that they won't say anything. The stopwatch tells the present boys to look at Scott. Scott ends up vanishing into thin air, causing Eric to cheer that they saved the future. Stan then states that he learned that time travel can be risky if they use it the wrong way, or else America will cease to exist. Butters 1 passes a note to Butters 2, and Butters 1 tells the boys that he won't tell them what he wrote. They boys then travel back to the present.

The boys arrive several hours after they last leave the present, and the stopwatch tells them that they had repaired the damage they had done. The stopwatch floats out of Kyles hand and dissapears into a different time period, but not before giving them the finger (which is strange since stopwatches don't have fingers). Pip then shows up and asks where they have been for the last few hours and leaves. Butters reveals that he wrote a note to himself to tell his former self to stop Pip from getting crushed to death. Stan looked at his journal and it says that Wendy is still class president, he guesses that the other Stan must have only told his former self about Wendy's slander. Then the cows from the first episode show up (and in subtitles "all right, lets make the teacher guy dance and levitate his glasses") and use their device to make Mr. Garrison dance and sing "I love To Singa". Eric, Kyle, Stan, Kenny, and Butters then just let it slide thinking that its close enough.

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