• Matteso586

    Tween Rave is becoming a popular music series in South Park and almost everyone is addicted to it (including Kyle). In the Cafeteria, Stan brought up the time he used to see sh(bleep) everywhere after sneaking Tween Rave music at night. A nearby Wendy heard it and started getting suspicious as it could have caused Stan's outberst during class. Wendy then went to the music store and see the store owner listening to Tween Rave and stated that he is now seeing people as sh(bleep). Wendy concludes that Stan had the outberst because the Tween Rave music brainwashed him into seeing sh(bleep). Wendy then immediatley took Stan to the same doctor that saw that Chef is brainwashed (from The Return Of Chef). Meanwhile in separate scenes, Trent Boyett…

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