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    South Park Predictions

    September 24, 2013 by Matt Hadick

    The next season of South Park premieres in two days, and while we know that the first episode will center on Cartman the recent NSA controversey, we aren't yet privy to the subject matter of the rest of the season's episodes. That said, there are plenty of contemporary cultural touchstones ripe for riffing on -- and we wouldn't be surprised if South Park takes them to task.

    Rockstar's blockbuster sandbox game always manages to stir up a big of controversy, usually focused on violence in video games. South Park's irreverent tone is actually quite similar to the game series', so we wouldn't be surprised if Matt Stone and Trey Parker come to the game's defense.

    It wouldn't be the first time South Park takes the gun rights conversation to task, …

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  • Matt Hadick

    With only a little more than a month until the premiere of South Park's long-awaited seventeenth season, we thought it was high time to examine (and rank) the wide variety of celebrity cameos/takedowns that have occurred throughout the series' sixteen year run. From a headless Britney Spears to Saddam Hussein as Satan's lover to Tom Cruise trapped in the closet, the show has never pulled its punches when it's come to portraying contemporary celebrities.

    What is your favorite celebrity goof from South Park? Vote here!

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