Hi guys! As a general rule of thumb, non-canonical images, otherwise known as Fanon images, are not allowed on South Park Archives. However, those images being uploaded for the sole purpose of being used on your user page are allowed, granted the content is within reason.

If you are using such images on your user page, please list their filenames in a comment below. These will be placed in a special category, with other user page images, where they can be separated from all the images.

The purpose of leaving the comment is to let me know which ones you wish to continue using and which ones can be deleted. List as many as you want, but keep in mind that South Park Archives is not a social network and is not an image host.

Please, do not modify the category yourself, as it will make it more difficult to purge unused images.

Thank you!
Craigicon Manic The Hedgehog Wall Craigicon

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