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Firefox Support and Border Radius


Good day to you all! It has recently come to my attention that the moz-border-radius CSS was deprecated a LONG time ago and was recently removed in Firefox 13. This caused all of our fancy, curved headers to break. I was also made aware of the fact that the webkit-border-radius CSS is deprecated in Webkit browsers, such as Chrome, though the functionality was not removed.

The solution, of course, was universal. Both Firefox and Chrome both support a 'universal' CSS called border-radius, which works exactly the same way as before.

In short, here is a list of browsers and how we support them:

  • Supported - Will modify various templates to compensate.
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari (both on OSX and iOS)
  • Unsupported - Will not modify anything.
    • Opera (future versions will be supported)
    • Internet Explorer

If you see either moz-border-radius or webkit-border-radius, please contact me, or another administrator, and the problem will be corrected swiftly.

Thank you!
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