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Best of Season 16 - Your Picks

Hey South Park fans! Season Sixteen was a great season! We've seen some truly fantastic episodes come out of the season, and some degree of development to your favorite characters. Throughout the season, you all voted on how well you liked each episode. Now, it's time to culminate that data and present it! [1]

From best to worst, your picks are:

Rank Score
Image Title Ep. Number
#1 4.54 InsecurityPromo "Insecurity" 10
#2 4.45 ButterballsPromo1 "Butterballs" 5
#3 4.38 CartmanFindsLovePromo "Cartman Finds Love" 7
#4 4.26 NightmareonFacetimePromo "A Nightmare on Face Time" 12
#5 4.19 SarcastaballPromo2 "Sarcastaball" 8
#6 4.05 FaithHillingPromo "Faith Hilling" 3
4.04 ScauseForApplausePromo "A Scause For Applause" 13
4.04 CashForGoldPromo "Cash For Gold" 2
#9 3.88 ReverseCowgirlPromo "Reverse Cowgirl" 1
#10 3.82 JewpacabraPromo2 "Jewpacabra" 4

#11 3.73 RaisingtheBarPromo "Raising the Bar" 9
#12 3.72 ObamaWinsPromo2 "Obama Wins!" 14
#13 3.57 IShouldHaveNeverGoneZipliningPromo "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" 6
#14 3.34 GoingNativePromo2 "Going Native" 11


  1. Note 1: As of this blog posting, votes are no longer counted toward this data.

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