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  • Edit My Vacation has been moved to newt week due to a blizzard. Shame, isn't it?*

In the next few days I will be going to Paris for something very important which I will not be disclosing here for 2 reasons: 1.) Privacy 2.) I don't want negative comments

I will hopefully finish the scripts but as of now the only thing I can do to wake up in the mornings is to drink a shit-load of coffee, which isn't always good. I hope everyone will be okay without me here, because I do play major roles in this wiki (Oh, look at the sarcasm!). I hope you all the best except for if you take kids to a war zone and say it's Santa's workshop, cuz that's no good. I may be on the wiki every once in a while during my week hiatus, but just remember, it won't be for long. I hope to and will enjoy my stay in Paris. It cost bucket-loads of money and it will be worth it. Also, my one-year anniversary with this wiki is coming up. Who cares? Anyways, my model of life now rests on Eminem's song "Going Through Changes", goodbye, farewell.

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