Before I type this review for South Park Season 16, this is my opinion, not yours. If you respond to this negatively, saying I'm wrong, I will formal congratulate you on winning such a grand middle finger. Okay.

In this season we saw Clyde Donovan inadvertently kill his mother and then try to sue the inventor of the toilet, Sir John Harington in "Reverse Cowgirl". We saw Eric Cartman try to cash in on the whole Cash for Gold phenomenon while Stan Marsh struggle with his Grandfather's Alzheimer's in "Cash For Gold". We saw The Boys give in to the latest memes in "Faith Hilling". Cartman had his own Passover special in "Jewpacabra"! Stan embarks against bullying in "Butterballs". The Boys have such a boring ziplining adventure in "I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining". Token Black gets a girl, Nichole, thanks to Cartman in "Cartman Finds Love". Butters Stotch sells his "creamy goo" to all the Sarcastaball players in "Sarcastaball". Honey Boo Boo challenges Cartman in "Raising the Bar". The men of South Park" take down UPS in "Insecurity". Butters is acting like "an emo chick on her period" because of his secret past in "Going Native". Randy Marsh buys Blockbuster in "A Nightmare on Face Time". Stan and Jesus Christ team up in "A Scause For Applause" and Cartman fiddles with the election in "Obama Wins!".

Now, let's start with "Reverse Cowgirl" -

A show with the name of a sex position... that's South Park. It's about putting the toilet seat down? What?! That has no correlation! Whatever, what happens in this episode? Oh Betsy dies... oh well. Clyde tries to sue the creator of the toilet. That's kinda funny... Butters was right... Okay. Butters sits on the toilet reversed like a woman would sit on a man... 'kay... This episode was alright. It has an alright story and some alright jokes... I'll give it a "C".

"Cash for Gold" -

Okay, I have had enough of that scam. God, if only he existed, this is gonna suck! Okay, Stan gets a fuckin' gay as fuck bolo... Ah, Grandpa Marsh has alzheimer's... oh, he got a portrait of his dog that we never saw before... that's... good? Ah they show the indian montage twice... yay. The guy who sells jewelry on TV committed suicide... Okay, I will not lie, that's fuckin' funny. "D+"

"Faith Hilling" -

Memes. I hate them, you hopefully do too. Moving on... "F"

"Jewpacabra" -

So... Cartman hallucinates about God killing him... Cool. He's Jewish... (hahah JK LLOLOLOL) "B-"

"Buttersball" - Butters is bullied by his Grandmother. Hahaha. Hilarious Music Number! YES! Two hilarious music numbers! Captain Kangaroo! "A".

"I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining" -

Oh my GAWD! Ziplining is SO boring! But, the boys make it better and that live-action diarrhea makes this an "A-"!

"Cartman Finds Love" -

Cartman is racist with his Cupid Me and Token gets some! "C-"

"Sarcastaball" -

Butters... is... I'm n-not watching this... "C+"

"Raising the Bar" -

Meh. "D-"

"Insecurity" -

I'm- I'm insecure over this episode... "A"

"Going Native" -

This episode harder than anything shat out by the creators of the Disney sitcoms and Degrassi's creators' deformed love child! "F for Fuck You!"

"A Nightmare on Face Time" -

Randy turns into The Shining Guy... Hell yes! "A"

"A Scause for Applause" -

What a wondiferous epiferous! "B"

"Obama Wins!" - What do people see in this episode?! "Obama Wins wuz da bestest episodeeee dis seson!" I don't see it! This episode was bad! "D"

As a whole this season was weak... super weak. It gets a 2.2/4 or a "C".