Hello! I'm Honeysuckle Pine and this is my very special review of The Unaired Pilot! Anywhether, my reviews are divided into four sections. Background, The Plot, The Review and The Verdict. So lets begin.


The Unaired pilot was Matt Stone and Trey Parker's original South Park Pilot (Who would've known?) Comedy Central and Co. didn't like it though so through fancy pantsy computer animation, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe was made. But that is for another time. Anywho, what's the plot?!


The episode begins with Cartman telling his friends about a dream he had where he got an Anal Probe. The other boys deny that it was a dream. Ike, Kyle's adopted brother, shows up at the bus stop where the boys are located. The bus arrives and the kids get on. Ike is then abducted by alien Visitors, as Cartman was in his "dream." When the kids get to school, Kyle still is freaking out about his brother. They tell Chef, a friend of the boys and the school's cafeteria chef and he gives them Hot Tamales, which should raise their temperature, so they can get out of school. Chef warns them that if they each to much it will make them breath fire. Later, during Recess, The fifth graders make Cartman eat all four hot tamales resulting in him farting fire. Wendy gives Stan a note that says to meet with her later. They go to the nurse, who at first does not believe the boys, but then Cartman farts fire and she screams in panic and tells them to go home. On the way home, the boys are singing about how they are out of school when Cartman is shocked by something and sings "I Love to Singa." Afterwards, an alien spaceship appears and kills Kenny and Cartman goes home, angry. When Stan and Kyle go meet with Wendy and Kyle tells them to hurry up because they have to find his little brother. Wendy, interested, asks about Ike. When Kyle explains the situation, Wendy suggests they go get Cartman to trigger the Aliens' appearance. Stan, Kyle, and Wendy go find Cartman and take him to Stark's Pond and tie him to a tree. After a few minutes, the Aliens appear, Ike escapes, Stank kisses Wendy and Cartman is abducted once again. The next day, Stan and Kyle are waiting for the bus again and Cartman falls from the sky and everything is back to normal. Well, except for the cows, they are barbecued by the Aliens and Kenny is still dead...


This episode was bitchin'. This episode has pretty much all that look for: audio, comedy, memorableness-ne-nesss, and Re... watcherness...



This should have been the pilot. Fuck "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". Comedy Central is foolish... Fuck Viacom... yeah. Anytimer, I think this is a great episode!

Video - 9.0

Audio - 9.5

Comedy - 8.75

Story - 10.0

Memorable - 9.0

Re-watch - 1.0

Final Score - 7.88

  • The way it works for a re-watch: if it is worth a re-watch, it gets a 1.0, if not, it gets a 0.0.

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