Hello and welcome to my second review! I'm HP Bloodshed and my goal is to review every episode of South Park! I have already reviewed The Spirit of Christmas - Jesus Vs. Frosty so be sure to check that out here! Anywho, my reviews are divided into four sections. Background, The Plot, The Review and The Verdict. So lets begin.


Jesus Vs. Frosty, after three years (1995), was found by Fox executive, Brian Graden. He then paid Matt and Trey to make him an animated Christmas card for him to send his friends. Matt and Trey then set out to make a depiction of the epic battle of Jesus Vs. Santa!

The Plot

The Boys are singing We Wish You a Merry Christmas, when Stan remembers that Kyle is Jewish. Because of this, the boys start singing Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel. Jesus appears and asks them to take him to the mall. When they get there, Jesus finds Santa Claus and they start fighting. They are mad because Jesus believes Christmas is about celebrating his birth, while Santa believes that it is about sharing and giving. The boys are at a standstill, they can help Jesus and not get any presents or they can help Santa and receive presents but be in trouble with God. Kenny is killed in the process. Brian Boitano then tells them that they shouldn't fight because it is the one time of year when we can get along. The Boys tell Jesus and Santa why they need each other and they reconcile. Stan and Kyle then figure out the true meaning of Christmas: Presents.

The Review

Jesus Vs. Santa is a major overhaul of what Jesus Vs. Frosty was. The video is the same or almost the same quality of the earlier South Park episodes. The audio was great! No ear-rape! The comedy still wasn't really there... But, the story still is good for what it was. It was more memorable than Jesus Vs. Frosty, too! It still isn't worth a re-watch, but those are hard to come by with any TV show.

The Verdict

While this is way better than Jesus Vs. Frosty, it is in no way perfect. The story is good for what it is but it is not the best. The audio and video quality is great. It is very memorable. It is not worth a re-watch, sadly. It is a step forward from what Jesus Vs. Frosty was though. The final score is 6.42/10.

Video - 9.0

Audio - 9.5

Comedy - 3.0

Story - 8.5

Memorable - 8.5

Re-watch - 0

Final Score - 6.42

  • The way it works for a re-watch: if it is worth a re-watch, it gets a 1.0, if not, it gets a 0.0.

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