Hello! My name is HP Bloodshed. I decided that I should make reviews of the South Park episodes. Tell me what you think in the comments. These will be divided into four
sections. Background, The Plot, The Review and The Verdict. So, without further ado, here's my review of Jesus Vs. Frosty!


The Spirit of Christmas - Jesus Vs. Frosty is a short that runs four minutes, 9 seconds. It was made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone
in 1992 for college. They had there own "company", too. It was called "Avenging Conscience". This short gets confused often with the second Spirit of Christmas, Jesus Vs. Santa.

The Plot

The plot of the first Spirit of Christmas is really simple. Four kids, who would later become The Boys, are singing Frosty the Snowman while building a snowman, when
Kyle attempts to put a top hat on the snowman, Stan warns Kyle that if he puts the hat on the snowman it will come to life and kill them. Kyle and Kenny both decide to do it anyway. The snowman then comes to life and kills "Kenny" who looks like Cartman. the other boys run to Santa Claus, asking for help. They realize that he's really the Snowman and run. The snowman then kills the real Kenny and
Stan and Kyle go to the baby Jesus Christ for help. Jesus then throws his halo at the snowman, knocking off the hat. This kills the Snowman while Jesus goes back to his manger. Stan and Kyle figure out that the true meaning of Christmas is presents. Stan then goes to find his presents.

The Review

I thought the short as a whole was a meh. The comedy wasn't really there. The sound quality was okay, except for when Jesus came from and went to his manger. The music was way too loud, especially if you are wearing headphones! The video quality was, for lack of a better term, shit. I know it was made with 9mm film, and Trey and Matt were new to making short films, but, you can't just give them a pass because of that. The story, was
short and simple. It was good for what it was. Is it worth a re-watch? I would say yes, if only it were funnier. Honestly, I don't know why so many people love this short. It is memorable, though.

The Verdict

The verdict is that, while it may be memorable, this short is pretty lame. the video quality is shit. The Jesús music was ear-rape. It wasn't funny. The story was really the only redeeming quality and that is saying a whole hell of a lot! The final score is 4.5/10.

Video - 2.0

Audio - 9.0

Comedy - 0.0

Story - 8.0

Memorable - 8.0

Re-watch - 1.0

Final Score - 4.7

  • The way it works for re-watch: if it is worth a re-watch, it gets a 1.0, if not, it gets a 0.0.

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