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  • LectrPazillo

    What did you think of "Go Fund Yourself"? Please vote below.

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  • LectrPazillo

    Main Character's Death

    November 25, 2013 by LectrPazillo

    Recently, on Family Guy, a main character was killed off. My question is what would happen if a main character on South Park died, who would you want to die and what would you feel if one was killed off?

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  • LectrPazillo

    These are the six images released with the news of the recent black out at South Park Studios. Make of them what you will.

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  • LectrPazillo

    I absolutely loved this episode! Holy shit! If this level of awesomeness is present in the other episodes this will be the best season since Season fourteen (season fifteen & sixteen, especially season sixteen, were lower in terms of quality for me). "Let Go, Let Gov" was okay but suffered the normal premiere issues.

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  • LectrPazillo

    The following are two images that have been released on South Park Studios:

    These images have not been officially confirmed as images to the new intro and some, to be frank, dumbasses (I am wholeheartedly ready to eat my words.) think that these are images to the upcoming episode... Well, the reason this seems to be a new intro is the second image is named "blog_newIntro_busRide.jpg", clearly proving my point...

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