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Thoughts of 15A

Here are my thoughts on 15a.

Overall: 7.6/10

Best episode: HumanCentiPad

Least favourite episode: Funnybot


HumancentiPad: 8.5/10

Crack Baby Athletic Association: 8.2/10

T.M.I.: 8/10

City Sushi: 7.6/10

Royal Pudding: 7.5/10

You're Getting Old: 7.2/10

Funnybot: 6.5/10

P.S: For those who don't know these numbers, here's the list of the episodes in viewers in descending order.:

HumancentiPad: 3.108 million

Funnybot: 2.591 million

City Sushi: 2.558 million

Crack Baby Athletic Association: 2.532 million

Royal Pudding: 2.435 million

T.M.I.: 2.415 million

You're Getting Old: 2.295 million

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