I was on the south park studios forum and found this---the lines that were beelped out at the end of 201. I've got the lines and the link to the video (but I think the video only has the subtitles,i havent watched it yet). Hopefully this will answer our questions.

Here it is: Kyle: "You see, I've learned something today. Mohammed's just some made up guy, like Jesus and Santa Claus. That means people can believe anything they want about him, like: you can't show him or hear his voice. But Tom Cruise is a real person, even though he's a celebrity. And if Tom Cruise believes people are making fun of him, well, for him that's real, just like some people's beliefs about Mohammed seem real to them."

Jesus: "That's right. Don't you see gingers? You believed the goo was real, so real that you were ready to kill people for your beliefs. You were letting your imaginations run wild, and real people, not imaginary ones, could have been hurt."

Santa: "That's right friends, I know it can be hard when someone tries to ruin your image - like Coca-Cola giving me this stupid red suit and fat belly - but you're real and don't have to accept the things people say about you as true. Just like we don't need to believe that showing Mohammed will bring a Muslim holy war to South Park."

And video-

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