When Barbrady leaves South Park for good, the mayor is on search for a new police officer. Cartman volunteers --as he says he's had experience before--. The mayor accepts, but it turns out Cartman is using his authority for evil.


Officer Barbrady announces he is leaving South Park for good, to persue a dream of being an artist. The mayor needs to quickly find a new police officer. But the search for a new officer isn't as easy as she thought it would be. With nowhere else to turn, she accepts Cartman's request to be the officer. Cartman turns out to be a great officer. In one month since becoming an officer, he stops 4 robberies, 2 murder attempts and got 3 run-away prisoners in prison. The mayor begins to pay Cartman for his duties, and Cartman gets awesome new equipment. But after that, Cartman realises he could use his good for evil. Cartman works on a master plan, executing every Jew in Colorado (which happens to be just Kyle's family). Cartman tells his plan to Stan, who goes an tells Kyle. Kyle, furious, tries to sue Cartman, but Cartman manages to escape charges. The mayor eventually catches Cartman in the act of trying to murder the Brovlosky family and sends him to Africa. The episode ends with Mr Derp being appointed as the new police officer in South Park and Kyle being awarded a medal of courage.

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